Work Or Stagnate

Work or Stagnate!

Why do we pay people NOT to work? When did this become a thing and how do I sign up? Just kidding about the signing up part, well maybe, how much are “they” going to pay me and what do I get? First, who is the “they”? That is EVERYBODY who works, or worked in the past and pays taxes. Even my father, the Scotsman, paid taxes and nobody can avoid sales tax or some other weakly disguised fee as a tax. So, if you work, you support people who say they can’t. Who thought that was a good policy?

The goal of the policy is (should be?) to provide a mechanism for people who have been laid off or for those unable to find employment. It is a safety net to keep you from living in a box, or worse. Now, in some cases, it’s a lifestyle. What do we want the future policy to accomplish? We don’t want people living on the streets, but if they want anything from the government, they must work for it. If the government assists with your lifestyle, it should get to set the rules. They should be like parents, ….if you live in my house, you will live by my rules.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but that was a huge motivator for me to move out. Don’t get me wrong, my parents loved me but their rules (ok, Dad’s rules) were crazy and often changed based on his mood. Whether it was my perception or reality, it still acted as a motivator for me to find a job that would support me. The government’s rules should be just as draconian in an effort to incentivize “moving out”!

We should not have homelessness in this country and you should not be allowed to sleep (or pitch your tent) where you like. We, the citizens of this country, will provide you a bed and other “bare necessities”. You, the user, will in turn, follow the rules and do chores to keep the space clean and provide for you and your roommates. If you can’t abide by these rules, go get a job and your own place to live. If you choose neither of these options, we (society) will put you in a place away from the rest of us. If you don’t like that place, give up your passport and leave. It is not a difficult policy. You don’t get your own place at the taxpayers’ expense, ever.

There are multiple scenarios attached to “government support” but for this policy, let’s keep it to the 18-68 age range. If you are in this demographic and you can’t find a job, we will give you a job. It may be sorting trash at the dump or some other dreg job but at least society will gain some value with the money you get. If you don’t work, you get none, see above. The policy should reward work. The government needs to stop supporting people. No more free housing. Pay your own utilities. If the plumbing breaks, you pay. Want a phone, pay up. Want internet, go to the library or pay the monthly fee. Want to eat, go to work. Need new clothes, get a job, get money, buy clothes.

But, but, but … that’s cruel!!! No, I argue what is cruel is to ask people to work and take a portion of their hard-earned dollars to support people who simply can’t be bothered. Now, that is cruel. There are multiple levels to peel away as this problem is attacked. It is often the case with any policy, but let’s start with some simple rules. If you get money from us (people who work), you will only get it if you work and follow the rules. If you don’t want to work, then you fall into a different class of people and the rules change, significantly.

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