Why Only One

Why Only One

I read the headline about Ghislaine Maxwell being the only person to be held accountable for the crimes committed by her….and others. As the meme makes clear, Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself anymore than Ms. Maxwell acted alone. This fact is indisputable since the product being sold (to put in a strictly clinical perspective) is a human being. The person is being abused by another human being. She, as nefarious as her actions, is but one part of the sale. The other parts are seemingly ignored. I understand the abuser wanting to remain anonymous but the purchaser of these services should be relentlessly pursued by law enforcement and when found, indicted and put on trial. If found guilty, they should be sentenced without leniency. This (these) sentence(s) to act as a deterrent to future peddlers of human flesh.  

But it hasn’t happened.

It seems society is satiated when one scapegoat for unspeakable crimes is found. Look at Dr. Nassar and his crimes. Other heads should roll for their part, or lack of action, in the whole scenario. Where is the mainstream media (MSM), where is its outrage? It (MSM) did some follow up stories but where is the relentless pursuit of FBI, other law enforcement, Olympic committee personnel and others who ignored young women being physically and emotionally abused by a person in authority. Where is the Justice Department?

Where is the accountability.

As long as there is a scapegoat, the media seems to think it is fine. The unlawful action was investigated and a person was indicted and convicted. The MSM, and in fact society, appears to think the judicial system works just fine. There appears to be no problem. But there is and not just in this or the Nassar case. It happens all the time and society doesn’t care. It is no wonder crime is on the rise. This blog has already addressed what happens when criminals are not arrested. Crime statistics go down, this lack of reporting gives the impression things are getting better. They are not, fewer actions are being reported and more actions are ignored.

Where is the public’s interest in the weeks long trial? Is it only interesting if it is OJ or some other modern day celebrity? Do these nefarious daily actions need better marketing to prove to the American people how bad things have become. It is not just the capital crimes, but the blatancy of the criminal. These criminals know they are breaking the law and have no fear of any repercussions that law enforcement, or society, can deliver. Ask the military, deterrence works, it is a solid strategy, but only if you follow through. If it is just rhetoric, it doesn’t work.

That is where we are with criminal justice. The criminal knows it is just rhetoric. The few that get caught are just unlucky, but most of the criminal factions look at these folks as collateral damage. Meanwhile, the law abiding citizen will continue to watch crime statistics go down as more and more people fall victims to violent crime. Some will wonder at the paradox.

Others will know and understand why.

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