Where is the Peoples’ Voice

Where is the Peoples’ Voice

Where are the conservative champions? Much time and effort is expended to trash the Mainstream Media (MSM), but little is done to offer it competition. Some web sites attempt to call out hypocrisy, false information, half truths and other age-old marketing tactics used to obfuscate reality, these sites care nothing for the political party of the offender. They are equal opportunity illuminators. These are also rare. Where are the TV shows? Where are the daytime equivalents of the left leaning shows? Where is the apolitical competition to 60 minutes?

What about the people who work, pay taxes, and do everything they can to make this country a better place, where is their representation? Where are the investigations into where our taxes go? What companies pay taxes and how much? Why is manufacturing leaving? What does it take to keep it here? Which companies get subsidies and how much? Why is our education system failing? Why are so many people on the dole? Why do we have homelessness? Why is recidivism so high? Why do people not have food? And so many more questions.

Where is the citizen oversight of the tens of thousands of boards and commissions who are regulating and, in many cases, damaging working peoples’ lives? Who gives a podium, and an active voice, to these people? How do these people stand up to a school yard bully who have the backing of not only other bullies but the teachers and administrators? Where is the common sense conversation and how do we bring it back?

Where are the candid conversations about how to fix some of these issues? What is the end-game to all this cancel culture, woke-ism, or other moniker you choose to use to describe it? History tells us one thing over and over. Power is addictive. Could it be that simple or is there a more nefarious goal? I have pondered this thought for a long time as I have watched policy decisions decimate this country. The short answer, who cares. I don’t care about the motivations of people destroying this country, I just want to fix it.

This is not gloom and doom, this is reality. We do some things very well here and we can continue to improve on others, but without a critical evaluation, it is hard to show value. At what point do people stop working to support those that won’t. In eighty years, we went from Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) to paying people to stay home. How did going to work change from being an advantage to a penance?

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  1. Taxation without representation started the first revolutionary war – it’s clear that tyrants never learn.
    I have a Final Solution for Tyrants, and it’s the same as the previous.

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