What’s Fair

What’s Fair

How much should the government give you? What should your subsidy be? What should mine be? How much should government subsidize parents for having a child? Should the subsidy be the same for each child, whether it is one child or ten? Should it be more if located in a high cost city? Should food be allotted by individual? Other goods? Clothes? Shoes (oh, this will definitely not go over well)? Gasoline? How about water? Electricity? I know, how about if the Internet is rationed? Shall we go back to rationing, similar to during, and after, World War II? Who will decide these amounts? How will it be regulated and enforced? Will violations come with draconian measures?

How about child care? What should the government pay to take care of a child? When should it start? Should it depend on how much maternity and paternity leave is granted by an employer? What if the mother and/or father is unemployed, should that matter? What if it is part time employment?

How about education? Should a child get a special education plan? When should a child be eligible to have a personal aide? If eligible, who pays for the aide? Should the government be forced to provide busing for each student? Should each student have access to the internet? A laptop? How about a phone?

Should higher education be free? Should it be available to anyone, regardless of capabilities? How about vocational education? Should community college be free? For one degree, or should it be free for anyone for as long as they want to attend? How about books, fees, and other learning materials, should these be free? Why just community colleges and not all state schools? Should everyone be allowed to use these campus facilities such as recreation centers, pools, gymnasiums, libraries, cafeterias, parking and other amenities (job placement, career counseling, etc.?

How about health care, how much should be free? Should a visit to the local clinic be free? How about precautionary procedures such as vaccines and well visits? Should doctors all get the same amount (for each patient) or should it vary based on zip code or how much money the doctor makes from other people? Should a family doctor make less than a Cardiac Dr? Perhaps doctors should have to provide “x” hours of free services. How will service costs be calculated? How much should a broken arm cost? How much money should be allocated to a person with cancer? Should a few million dollars be spent on everyone who is diagnosed? Who decides, is this were the death panels enter the picture?

What about drugs, should they be free? What kind of drugs? Should aspirin be free? How about insulin? What about pain drugs? Should my medical marijuana be free? How about the innumerable old people who take many different drugs to help them with various ailments? Should these be free? What is the correct subsidy for the drug companies and the individual?

The theme in all of these questions is the government is responsible, not the parents, or the individual. This movement started decades ago and is only getting worse; this entitlement mindset of everything should be free is destroying this country. As the government collects more money, it consolidates power through subsidy. Each dollar it allocates endears one constituency or another to its purpose: Remove personal responsibility and substitute a reliance on government. A talk show host recently ask a Congressional Senate candidate what programs they would cut. It was clear the candidate thought cuts should be made, but the response appeared rhetorical. Candidates are too afraid to take money from any constituency; that is the problem.  

The simple response must be: Give the people back their money. They will help who is worthy.

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