What is 2Seatsin

What is 2Seatsin

As the first week of 2022 nears its end, I wanted to remind people to pay attention to who is running and their corresponding platform. Consider running for office, please! This country desperately needs people who desire to introduce common sense into our Republic. It is not only Federal Office that needs oversight and new blood, but State and Local positions too. I live in a Red State and it is in dire need of change.

Bottom in Education, eminent federal takeover of prisons, same big city problems as Blue Cities, and heavily feeding on the Government teat are but a few of the challenges that appear to escape notice in the Red State in which I live. Ask candidates running for state office about any of these and it is clear there is a vacuum of new ideas and an abject fear of alienating any specific constituency.

Demanding parents take responsibility for children is a definite no-no. Suggesting people not be allowed to collect government payments if they don’t work is implied, but when pressed for details, there is little substance or suggested changes to what exists. Securing the border is one candidate’s credo but when pressed as to how this will be done or what enforcement action will be proposed or penalties accrued (to employers or illegal aliens), vague answers follow. Voting integrity is another one that is used by both sides. One side will tell you no restrictions should exist to vote. Ballot harvesting is simply assisting people in this sacrosanct right. Demanding an I.D. or prohibiting mail in voting is akin to Jim Crow. The other side is equally tongue-tide when detailing how election integrity will be strengthened. What about adopting some of the recommendations that came out of these audits and citizen election review committees. Again, short on details. Candidates are unable to articulate how they expect to solve these problems.

Please pay attention, you are getting no-substance answers from all involved.

A simple question is what federal programs will these potential candidates cut, how will they propose to reduce the deficit. From a State and Local perspective, at least in my situation, how will the locals spend all of this tax revenue (our city tax revenue collections are up over 20% from ten years ago but the population is static)? Will they lower any taxes (how about lowering the liquor by the drink tax – a shot of Jack gets taxed at like 20%)? How about the State eliminating sales tax on food, or at least non junk food? How about improving roads – fewer potholes, more paving, better technology and innovation to make repairs last longer? The State Legislature (last year) created an Innovation Committee/Board, they’ve met and issued guidelines…or at least that is what the headlines said. Jury’s out.

Our local paper headline indicated city employees are going to get a bonus. I’m sure the Walmart employees were thrilled to read that headline as they went to work and got breathed-on by both vaxed and unvaxed alike while city workers stayed home to stop the spread. Government employees vote in large numbers; gee, I wonder why.

Run for office, change things, ask questions and do make an effort to find out what is going on around you. Both sides are afraid to shake things up and will continue to be afraid until the citizenry demands they do things differently. I live in a Red State that is a poster child for bad policy, but the candidates’ messages are God, right to life, securing the border, military support, guns are good and a few other parochial topics. Those are easy topics but how about suggesting how to make things better or how to fix what has gotten us here in the first place. Until some solutions are included in a platform, it’s all rhetoric.

Until the American people demand different leadership, policies will not change.

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