We are Getting Played

We are Getting Played

To say the Southern Border is a sieve is an understatement and while all the Trump supporters would like to say he solve the problem, he didn’t. Biden’s policies have made it worse, no question, but where are they (I’ll call them alien’s) going when they are released? Who is taking them? Who pays for this transportation? When they get to a destination, where do they live? How do they afford to eat? How do we ensure they are properly vaccinated against real threats such Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio and others? Who supports them? Who translates for them? How do they survive in a foreign land without money, documents, an understanding of the language or the ability to get a work permit?

I thought “E-Verify” was a method for employers to check to see if an individual was eligible to work in this country? Are these Aliens permitted to work or are they exempt from E-Verify? If they are not permitted to work, how do they live? How can anyone get an apartment without identification, a job or income?

If they have sponsors, who are they? Are these religious organizations? If so, which ones and why are they sponsoring these aliens? Is the federal government sponsoring these aliens and providing any support for these aliens? If not, somebody is and how do we find out who?

We are talking about a lot of people, hundreds of thousands, each month. Most cities in this country don’t have one hundred thousand people, so where are they going? How are school districts expected to teach these children who have no background in the English language? How about local welfare costs and other infrastructure pressures? What about the small business people who are trying to make a living doing manual labor, are these aliens pushing them out? Before you say no, how do you know?

It is rare to hear anything about the border but when I do, it is usually to blame Trump or Biden. Sometimes it is a heartbreaking story about the kids and the hardships the aliens endured as they traveled to the border. Where is the national media explaining to the American people what happens to these people once they are “processed”? What about the Administration? I hear some don’t have court dates? Does that mean the can stay here indefinitely?

The questions asked here are all policy questions and should be answered by the current administration. Since employers shouldn’t be able to hire them, how are they expected to survive? If the taxpayers are supporting them, for how long and to what end? None of these answers are provided. If anyone asks, it’s discounted or ignored as ideological or political difference. These are real policy questions, not political spin.

The fact they are not ask, or answered, speaks volumes about our current state of affairs. When I say, we are doomed, the border situation is a great example.

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