We Are Doomed

We are Doomed!

The optimist in me says there is still time but the realist in me scoffs at such a pollyannish view. I vacillate but hold hope there are enough people paying attention for constructive change to occur. The effort of this blog is to illuminate some of the issues and offer some ideas as to how they may be solved. If you don’t like the proposed solution, offer one. Please keep it steeped in reality. I love great fiction, but barring some snarky comments, this blog’s focus is policy change. I will do my best to keep politics, people, and personalities out of it, but on occasion references will be made. I have disdain for what both sides of the aisle have done to this country.

Why two seats in (www.2seatsin.com)? I see this as the only path to save the country. I’m sure there are others, but no one has explained them to me or offered a description as to how these solutions might work. We have multiple parties in this country but the two-party system is still running the show. The two party system is not the problem, the problem is the policies (and people) each party offers. Each of these parties paints the “aisle” as an abyss and continuously suggests the “other” side is stark raving mad. In many cases, each side is correct. So how to bridge the gap?

Here is a simple representation:

                        5   4   3   2   1          aisle          1   2   3   4   5

This represents both sides of the aisle, the whole political spectrum (yes, it is a simplistic example). The bookends, or the 5 positions, represent the extremes of both parties. I’ll let you define the term, but they are the outliers and by definition will never acquiesce to the “norm”. They desire distraction, not cohesiveness. The 3 and 4 positions are the party animals, and in this case, it is not a fun thing. They will vote “their” party without regard to who, what, where, how or WTF, they are the faithful. By voting party line, they don’t have to know any of the specifics, it saves time.

That leaves the 1 and 2 positions. These are the people who want to make things better and have some desire to learn and listen. These folks see the current path and understand it will lead to destruction. They can see benefits from policy change regardless of the idea origin. This is the target audience. How can we get forty percent to agree on anything? How can we convince them to move the entire group? I don’t think this minority group is that far apart. Yes, each side of this group has its zealots, but as a whole, they advocate hard work, helping people, common sense, a rule of law, and being responsible for yourself and family. They want to help people up, but are weary (yes, this is very kind) of the handouts and the retreat from personal responsibility. 

The problem lies in cohesion. If this group (the 1 and 2’s from both sides of the aisle) collaborates for productive change, it jeopardizes the status quo and the power each side holds over its followers. The Party leaders conjure issues to exacerbate discourse and aided by the “aisle” show the stark contrast of the philosophies. They paint the aisle as an abyss. They choose perennial issues to illuminate differences (e.g. abortion or gay rights). I suggest it is not a chasm, but simply an aisle. Each side are like car salesmen, neither will suggest walking as the best alternative.

This group (the 1’s and 2’s) is representative of all walks of life and ethnicities. They are rich, poor and in-between. They are old/young, blue/white collar, married/single, and live in every town. They see the potential of this country and know in their hearts and minds it is going in the wrong direction. They continue to seek new leaders, both Democrat and Republican, but continue to get the same results. This group is disgusted and embarrassed. They want a different path and are searching for, not only leadership, but innovative policies that promote a positive and productive future. These policies will not be developed by either party and so must be introduced and championed by this group.

This blog extends those thoughts. The goal is to post twice a week (Monday and Friday). If you like the content, great!  Please leave a comment if you want, but if you want to help, let someone else know about the site. I am not the only one out here that sees the damage both sides are creating, but without mechanisms to harness these voices, they end up as screams in a vacuum. First, we have to find them. This blog is an attempt to see how many have interest.

Next up…Why do we pay people NOT to work?

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