Some Chinese National torched a historic church in Montgomery, AL. She overstayed her student visa. They found her by tracing her car license plate, registered in HER NAME. Really? How stupid is this scenario? How many other criminals are wandering around with cars registered in their name?

Could somebody check? Soon!

This is part of why there is blatant mistrust of government. It (the government) can tap my phone under the patriot act, but can’t seem to locate criminals by cross referencing DMV records with expired visa holders. You can’t make this stuff up. How come all visa recipients are not tracked? Do women visa holders have to inform the government if they become pregnant or do they just get to birth an American, asking for a friend?

If the government is too lazy to track them, could you at least ask Google, Facebook, Twitter or Apple for some help. Those entities know everything about everybody. Maybe Congress could put a little pressure on folks to locate these criminals.

In addition to a lacking of tracking, the justice system is a joke. A security guard invites you into the capitol, they throw you ass in jail for months, setting bail at an astronomical amount. Go shoot up some high school students, out the next day. How does this happen? Why is it allowed to continue? How about some Congressional outrage, or better yet, action.

There are other examples, far too many to name. The system is broken and nobody seems to care. Will the local papers start a service that indicates what laws are optional this week. Just like announcements for various meetings and liens, the papers could have one for laws that are out of vogue, so the citizenry will know which ones they can ignore. It would be a big help.

If the government will not enforce certain rules, will they please remove them from the statutes.

This is quickly erupting into a giant farce.

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