The Governor in my great state is running without a primary challenger, at least as of this writing (the deadline is January 2022…I think). It is a solid red state and she is running as a republican, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. I did hear the State Auditor (who is Term Limited – for Auditor) is pondering a primary run against her as his wife gears up to run for State Auditor. You can’t make this stuff up. The old “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” saying is real.

The entire time she has been Governor, the state has never moved out of the bottom area (out of fifty) in education and the State lost a prison lawsuit which if the Legislature doesn’t do something, the Fed’s will take over our prisons. Sounds like a sweet deal, but the Feds will send the people living in the State a giant bill to fix a problem the Legislature, with Executive Leadership, should have addressed years ago. The lottery, and gambling, was another thing that Legislature couldn’t get done. While she will Teflon that failure, as she does so well, it is simply another issue that remains in limbo. As an aside, why should gambling be restricted to only a few sites? Seems like that makes it more susceptible to corruption. If the State would let anyone do it, maybe it would lose some of its allure, at the very least it would limit the fighting over where it would be “allowed”. The way it has been proposed would only allow a few mega corporations to reap the benefits.  

Another issue that people seem to forget as they look at the State’s economy, the robustness for which she has taken credit, is it reliance on the Federal Government. In case people haven’t noticed, drunken sailors are mere rookies when compared to the Feds, at least when it comes to spending money. The latest stimulus, and future requested spending (an awful lot of zeros in a trillion), will enhance the flow of federal dollars and make her look like an economic genius. In this state, we get more federal dollars than we pay in and when you couple this with deficit spending (as we have been doing for decades), we get even more.

Remember:  More is good, even more is better, and most is best. It’s a mantra!

Red States, like the one I live in, should be leading the charge for change. Improving the education ranking should be a priority. It should be pursuing policies that demand substantive change. It should seek out leadership that wants to show blue states it can improve and excel, not prove its ineptitude by allowing a federal takeover of a prime function. It needs leadership to show caution and a bit of skepticism towards the massive flow of federal dollars. If they are to be accepted, invest them in infrastructure, not operational dollars on new programs. This concept appears foreign.

The people seem to like her. She appears genteel and goes out of her way to offend no one. She supports all causes and groups. While I truly believe decorum is needed in both business and politics, there are too many things wrong to be everybody’s buddy. Too many things are broken and need to be fixed, in both Red and Blue States. You can be truthful without being mean, but in most cases the harsh reality is a bitter pill to swallow. People often have no interest in the truth, but we need leadership to wake people up. This is not the only State where this is happening.

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  1. The way it has been proposed would only allow a few mega corporations to reap the benefits.

    You can bet they have been lobbying (read, paying off ) to keep it like that.
    Sounds like the state is only red in the voters hearts.

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