A youth basketball game erupted into an all-out assault as one of the officials (he was officiating the game) who was attacked ending up in the hospital with thirty stiches. The head pastor of the church described the event as “unfortunate”. The pastor was quick to point out they had nothing to do with any of the teams or players and were simply providing a place to play. No person came to the victim’s defense as adults attacked him. No one tried to stop the kids from joining in the attack. And the best word the Pastor can come up with is “unfortunate”.


How about stupid, illegal, criminal, unchristian-like, sinful or a host of other descriptors that better explain the absolute barbaric mentality of the attack. It is a basketball game. Anyone with kids who have played sports have witnessed a bad call but since when was beating up a referee a viable solution. When did it become acceptable to permit children to join in a group beating? This goes so far beyond beating up a referee, which is totally unacceptable and abhorrent. Parents did nothing to stop the kids from joining in this group beating. This behavior is reprehensible and should result in huge fines and criminal charges. It is disgusting.

The article was puzzled as to how this happened.

It happens when there are no repercussions for actions. You can fine and threaten jail for a parent switching his kid, but whether they are spanked, switched, or simply grounded, actions have consequences. Some of us learned that the hard way growing up. Some of us tried to alter how that lesson was taught, but for most, the lesson was still taught. I know some who never spanked their children and kudos to them. Others went a bit too far in my opinion, but it was my opinion, not my business. I know those kids were well cared for and most of the time deserved it. I know a few of them as adults and they agree, they got everything they deserved and got away with more than most will admit. It didn’t seem to damage their psyche.

Talk to any teacher and they will tell you discipline is gone. Kids don’t care. I am going to tell your Mom (and/or Dad) once struck fear into the eyes of every youngster, but now, for most, it is a hollow threat. Teachers and Administrators know the parents will back the kid, every time; so do the kids. That was not the case when I was a kid. Most adults won’t even bother now but will simply shake their head, saying anything they say may result in a reprimand (for them) or civil suit. The children are coddled and any fault is passed to the school, coach, teacher, classmate or any other third party. The lack of personnel responsibility continues to erode.

The fact the child has no manners and the parents don’t care is the school’s problem. There are no tools to deal with this behavior. We don’t need to bring back spanking kids, but when members of society are allowed to behave as they wish without repercussions, they will believe they can act however they like. Any attempt to address bad behavior is met with defensiveness or name calling. Adults are fearful they will be sued or fired, so they remain silent and walk away. When school age children grow up and attempt this behavior in society it will enhance lawlessness (it is just beginning) and unless their actions (both now and later) are met with something more than an “unfortunate” label, there is no reason to expect it to stop. When people start to find this unacceptable and begin to defend themselves, it will get ugly.

It should not be a mystery as to why it happened.

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