For all the conservatives out there who are happy, or at least entertained, by the purchase of Twitter by the Great Elon, beware. It is not a policy solution to turn over a social media behemoth such as Twitter to a private citizen. It does nothing to curb or control its censorship. For those that scream about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and how companies should not have immunity, this is not a solution. The last thing this country needs is more controls on its ability to communicate.

If people want to complain about Republicans, great, let the insults fly. If they want to suggest any person who refuses to get the “jab” is a grandma killer, fine, bring it. If they want to call me a liar, better bring proof or prepare for litigation. Most folks understand there is an off button for electronic devices. If the program offends you, change the channel or turn it off. If people say offensive things and nobody is listening, does it really matter? If people are unwilling to do their own research and want to follow uneducated people on social media, it makes no difference to me. I would prefer these folks be allowed to post whatever they want. If a person likes it, great, if another person thinks its garbage, great. But I don’t want Big Brother, the Great Elon, or anyone else monitoring or selecting content.

Out of chaos comes order.

Social media is out of control. Tik Tok, apparently excellent technology, is owned by a Chinese company. Any Chinese company will cooperate with the Chinese Government or cease to exist. Any international business person will tell you this is true. Some folks have tried to warn citizens of this country that using Tik Tok allows the Chinese government insight into the users’ social pattern, buying preferences, location information, facial recognition and other marketing data. It is the beginning of the users’ social media score. This score is currently in use in China and helps determine a Chinese citizens’ societal value. It is straight out of Orwell. If we are not careful, it could come here.

People don’t care.

What if a Left-wing lunatic bought twitter, buys Facebook, or creates another social media technology – Tik Tok 2.0. What policies will be put in place, if any, to control the narrative of the information released? What algorithms will be put in place? Who will be banned? Will account information only be released to select folks in an effort to keep the narrative contained? Will Republicans or right wingers scream for censorship of this new platform or an opening of its membership? Do people care if social media is carved up into niches similar to political leanings? One side who can call Legislation the Don’t say Gay Bill and not be challenged while preventing those that dispute that assessment from even being allowed on their platform?

Let people debate or dismiss, but make libel costly and quickly adjudicated. If someone writes an untrue statement on any social media, make it a costly fine, a public apology and social media equivalent of a restraining order when necessary. If people know it will cost them money to libel another person, this alone may make social media a bit more civil. As long as people can say what they want, without libeling anyone, without the risk of censorship, social media can do what it pleases, whoever owns it. When it regulates, by any means, what is pushed, pulled or selected, bad and costly things should happen to its owners.

I wish people would focus on the policy instead of the new owner.

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