Billions sent here and there, program money stolen or misallocated, and graft in general appears disinteresting to Joe Public. They just don’t seem to care. As some states abolish abortion rights to such an extreme where it endangers women’s health, only a few people seem outraged. Shooter goes off in a school or store, people die, and for a few days the MSM suggests gun control is a panacea. One criminal after another is set free, without bail, to go out and commit another crime.

Nobody cares.

Has tolerance been ingrained in society so deeply that it is now numb to atrocities? Is there a belief that nothing can be done? Are effective solutions too draconian to the palate of the tolerant that it becomes better to simply shake our collective heads as opposed to attempting any type of fix. Are people so afraid of being called, pick the negative moniker of the month – bigot, racist, misogynist, that they refuse to stand up for what is right?

Is that it?

Is society questioning what is right since a few people are telling us it is wrong? Is it ok to steal stuff from a store? Is it ok not to pay rent or other bills? Are these only ok when a person is going through a “rough time”? How is this defined and how rough does it have to get to make stealing acceptable? How about student loans, there are factions of politicians standing up to suggest student loans should be forgiven, but where is the bloc of politicians standing in front of the mainstream media suggesting this is garbage. Are they there but simply not reported by the MSM?

I don’t think so.

There is an element of fear that appears to be growing in this country. If you want to support rule of law, if you believe people should be treated with respect and demand people accept responsibility for their actions, you will be called names. In some cases, you will be threatened and in others assaulted. If a person defends themselves, depending on the location, greater travails will result. The goal appears to be to silence society.

It is working and will get worse.

As social media tightens its stranglehold on society it will be used to silence or leverage. The silencing will be done in the name of safety and security, as history has proven. The leverage will be used to take any slight, any minuscule altercation, and file it away to ensure the party doesn’t speak too loudly or with an incorrect tone. Those seeking security, wealth or political positions will play along or have their aspirations amputated like a gangrenous limb. Leverage will be applied to keep potential players in line.

Sounds pretty melodramatic, huh!

It is true. There is no savior coming. Trump will not fix it. He may not be inner circle but any almost-octogenarian worth several hundred million dollars is not in it for the little guy. He did a few positive things in his last four-year tenure, but people need to stop seeking “a person” and start seeking people, at all levels, in all capacities, that want to install policies that have a chance to work. People that want to innovate and try new things.

The problem is bigger, deeper and broader than one person.

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