To What End?

To What End?

I was talking to someone the other day and they asked a question I have asked myself at least one hundred times: What is the end game? What do the Democrats hope to gain by opening the border, impeding the supply chain, forgiving debt, increasing welfare payments, pursuing a green agenda without proper planning and a host of other policies that appear, at least on the surface, as incredibly destructive. The answer continues to be:

I don’t know.

While I continue to be baffled at the abhorrent policies being put in place, often without any legislative changes (they are being done through executive instructions, with or without corresponding executive orders), I am truly mystified at the number of people who appear to be fine with these changes. I talk to some people who say the border numbers are made up and that many people can’t be coming through or the government would stop them. They don’t believe the numbers. The Biden Administration has said: The Border is secure.

That statement is a lie.

Look at some of the Congressional races throughout the country. Many of these are neck and neck. This implies many, if not half, of the folks in these states support democratic policies. Like Trump, many of the GOP candidates running have caustic personalities so shame on the GOP for selecting poor candidates for primaries. It also proves that personalities can overrule policy choices. If caustic candidate “C” is for a secure border, transparent elections, enforcement of rule of law, smaller government and lower taxes, it won’t matter. People see the caustic personality, not the policies. To many on the right, and some on the left, decorum still matters.

As it should.

People need to remember that the government continues to subsidize corporations. Corporate America does not want the people to coalesce. Its biggest fear is the 2seatsin crowd gathering a voice. This group could vet candidates and bring a solid policy platform, along with a level of decorum (the two are not mutually exclusive). It is not out of reach, yet. But as the government continues its push towards censorship and the DOJ lurks at any group that dares think outside the box, it will be harder.

Any attempts for party reform, reconfiguration or takeover will be met with harsh repercussions. As the DOJ and current leadership has suggested, select policy reform is a threat to our Democracy. Whether true or not, as Covid and other recent lies (e.g., the border is secure) have proven, people react to perception. They will be reticent to strike out for change. As in the past, third party votes will be viewed as annoyances or advantages to the other side. The Dems don’t have any interest in reform, they are moving to the left and lifelong democrats are moving with them. They appear willing to tolerate open borders for additional labor support, welfare increases and a general move towards socialistic policies (equity, more debt relief, reparations, etc.). Tax the rich, full speed ahead. There is little interest in where the money goes, as long as the rich get taxed more. Keep in mind, most Congress people are rich, they will not allow themselves to be taxed more. Politicians keep their jobs due to corporate donations. Corporate taxes are not going up, at least not to the extent these tax increases will not be pushed down to the end consumer.

It just won’t happen.

The GOP is attached to Trump and while some of his policies are prudent, his caustic nature, while endearing to some, is childlike to others. This caustic nature has spread to the party and made decorum appear archaic and weak. Social graces are neither. The members of the 2seatsin group sit by and continue to hope for movement towards the middle with the latest wish carefully eyeing the upcoming mid-terms. These outcomes will not alter policy or fulfill their wish. Action is required.

It will continue to get worse.

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  1. What are we to conclude when just getting dead people off the voter rolls,which, in a sane world would be automatically done, requires a big fight? It’s almost as if Someone is planning on Using those names for Something..

    Read Agenda21. It did not write itself.

    1. yup, a lot of common sense things aren’t being done. It is a long list and growing daily. Most people simply don’t care. As the blog headline suggests, our demise is only a matter of time. Perhaps the looming financial implosion will speed things along. The forecasted Red Ripple (no way it is a wave) will not be a panacea. Thanks for stopping by!

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