Thee, Not Me

Thee, Not Me

The United States Senate approved a new Supreme Court Justice. Happens every few years, so its no big deal, except this time, the proposed appointee refused to answer the question: “Can you provide a definition for the word woman”. The response from our newest Supreme Court member: “Can I provide a definition, no, I can’t. Not in this context, I’m not a biologist.”. This response from the mother of two girls. The people of this country should be embarrassed, and ashamed. The newest member of the highest court in the land thinks she has to be a biologist to define a word.

This is the situation.

Our law is so confusing and the potential threat of being perceived as wrong, or having a political slant, is so looming that any attempt to vet any individual has become laughable. I didn’t follow the hearings and no little about our new justice. It was a given from the start she would get confirmed. From what I read, she is qualified. Her resume shows good experience. I hope it is true. In my opinion, her inability, and clear avoidance of a simple question, nullifies any background or qualifications that were in her favor. The other aspect of her appointment I find abhorrent is President Biden’s selection based on race and gender. Imagine if a sitting president made the statement that the next Supreme Court vacancy would be filled by a white male.

The rioting, not to mention the outrage, would be historical. It would make Portland and Watts seem like a fun house. Some people would be insulted to be appointed under those terms. I would think you would want to be appointed to SCOTUS, or any other position, because you are the best qualified person, not due to race or gender. I guess I’m wrong, again. I wonder how she would feel if one of her daughters was denied a potential job because the employee wanted to hire a white guy.

I’m sure she’d be ok with it.

The Senate should have been outraged, but only a few raised the question. The selection of this person exemplifies the doctrine: The laws apply to thee and not to me. Let them eat cake. If any business selected employees based on this statement, they would be sued and lose. Again, the perception, and the reality, favors the side in power, so no one cares. The media has no issues as long as it is a black woman. They would have spearheaded every riot if the goal was a white man.

People are afraid of being called a racist, bigot or misogynist and the confirmation of a black woman supreme court justice does not prove it. What makes it gospel is the lack of outrage when Biden first announced it (“…a black woman…”) and her unwillingness to answer a simple question. I wonder if she will recuse herself when that first SBA lawsuit (or other similar case) arrives in front of SCOTUS where a small business claimed to be a woman and minority owned business (…cuz, ya know, they identify as one…) in an effort to qualify for set asides and other minority (and exclusive woman owned) contracts. If I were a small business, I’d claim to be a Hawaiian resident too.

Yet another reason why we are doomed.

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