The Misogynist Police

The Misogynist Police

I hope you examine your current and newly elected officials. Take time to learn about the old and the new. Are they reacting to the latest headline, spouting party rhetoric, and making claims to provide more help to virtually every group under the sun? If so, ask them, or yourself, what is their plan, how will they fund it, and how will it improve society. We used to call it a platform, but that is old school. It has been decades since any platform has been used as mechanism for change, but perhaps the surge of new young voters can turn the tide.

As you look at our elected individuals, you must decide what you want them to do. Once upon a time, Congress led and created laws which allowed the country to thrive, but those days are gone. The citizens must explain what solutions they want and find leaders to implement these policies. If you leave the policy creation to Congress, you will get more of the same. Remember, both sides want divisiveness. Divide and conquer is not just a saying, it is a viable strategy.

Don’t let a sitting Congressman/woman tell you it can’t be done. Laws can be changed, in fact, that is what the legislature does. It makes laws. Keep in mind, it can remove law too. We need fewer laws; you can’t legislate proper behavior. Don’t accept the ruse of “it’s complicated” and “you don’t understand”; scrap the entire code (or section of law) and start from scratch. Policy is not rocket science. Look at current laws; you can get arrested for many things, but are we safer? Do more laws equate to a safer society or should we empower society to enforce common sense, a respectful consideration of your neighbor, and authorize citizen jurisprudence? While a misogyny police may make us feel better, who will lead it and how will its verdicts be decided? It will not remove those with a prejudice against women. Many a glass ceiling has been shattered, but as with many things, there is still work to do.

Repairing a perceived lack of moral character maybe the rationale for your vote, but it won’t change policies to lead us in a different direction and we desperately need a different direction. I want leadership that has integrity and character, but foremost I want leadership to create policies emphasizing personal responsibility. If you want to choose your Congressional representative based on moral ground, at least take the time and energy to create the policies you want them to implement. I want to hear what they stand for and what they hope to accomplish, and while I prefer a representative with some tact and decorum, if I must choose between policy changes or manners, I will vote for any reprobate which vows to change the status quo. Forewarned is forearmed.

Government has failed policy making; it creates burdensome regulation, attempts to write laws to accommodate each situation, and impedes innovation.  It provides billions for entitlements and pennies for hard work; it penalizes the worker and rewards the indolent. Do you believe these newly anointed Congress people, combined with the old school establishment, will affect change or simply tweak the status quo and remind you how good you have it? Only the voter can change the course. As you ponder how you might achieve change, look around at what is being proposed (or already in place). Others are implementing change while you ponder.

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