The Game Is Rigged

The Game is Rigged

There were a half a dozen or more republican candidates on the primary ballot in my little corner of the world for many offices including U.S. Senators and Congress people. It is stupid. I’m not big into conspiracy theories but it seems the Republican party (and maybe the Dem’s too) are diluting the proverbial pot. In one particular race, for example, instead of insisting on a debate, they offered and nobody showed up. The party leaders act exasperated and say:  “We tried”.

Sorry, not buying it.

At the very least it shows a clear lack of leadership and the absence of a solid agenda. Instead of allowing potential candidates to spout rhetoric, the party could demand an action plan as to how the proposed candidate will address various issues. It has no interest. In another instance, the incumbent was challenged (Governor) by multiple (6, I think) republican candidates. In reality, it appeared, there were only two challengers with any hope. Again, instead of insisting on a debate, enough candidates were included on the ballot to attract each special interest. If the party was concerned about people and productive change, it would cease and desist with this overabundance of candidates and offer a choice between policy paths, each represented by a different candidate. It makes a conscience decision not to do this.


Speculation abounds, but only the shadow knows for sure, and it won’t talk. In the case of Governor mentioned earlier, a pretty strong case could be made business likes the incumbent and has no interest in change. It makes no difference that we rank last in education, appear to be accommodating illegal arrivals as quickly as they exit the buses, are awaiting the feds to take over State prisons (at a huge cost to the taxpayer), or a host of other issues that are of considerate concern. In addition, she is an octogenarian or will be soon. Business likes it, it keeps the status quo.

People don’t care.  

The people gave up on Citizen United too easily, but there are other alternatives to the Political Action Committee (PAC) money that flows to too few candidates. The internet could provide a focal point for all elections. Policy positions could be made clear. Quick debates in an informal setting could be taped and made available. Candidates could create multiple-two-minute sound bites are where they stand and how they will approach various positions. Instead, the citizens of this country continue to allow the party leaders, and PAC’s, to choose new candidates and dilute the candidate pool to keep incumbents.

Someday, we the people will say no.

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