The Abyss…aka…The Aisle

The Abyss … aka … the Aisle

It is not only greedy corporate types and normal people who are opposed to policy solutions, it is elected officials. Without policy differences (for lack of a simpler definition), it’s not a ballgame. It would be like going to baseball game where only one team shows up and I don’t mean figuratively, I mean literally.  Keep the jokes to a minimum. Each side needs an opponent. If you say Red, I say Blue. If you suggest purple, it’s blasphemy! This is why I say we are doomed. After a time, you stop looking for solutions and simply look for other things to disagree about.

Each side approached it a bit differently and each side had adapted over time. The Republicans sided with business and used this affiliation to suggest what was good for business was good for America. It worked for a time until profit got in the way and the rest of the world started to catch up to our standard of living. It was a balance. If you got laid off and were not able to rejoin the workforce, we took care of you. We provided to keep you quiet. As the middle class was slowly removed through attrition and consolidation, our manufacturing was outsourced. We made no changes to accommodate this shift. Workforce training and other programs were offered but as a country, no concerted effort was made to reorganize or reorient the workforce. It was piecemeal where it was offered at all.

The Democrats sided with labor, but also with business. It was valuable to ship jobs oversees and campaign contributions would follow compliance. They took care of their own by ensuring those displaced were cared for, at least in some fashion. They too traded our manufacturing for campaign contributions. They too insisted on workforce training but also participated in the slush funds and pork barrel projects. They too were part of the ruse.

There are few innocent parties in this story as the consumer was the most egregious participant. It wanted inexpensive goods and a lot of them. This country’s manufacturing days were over. It couldn’t (wouldn’t) compete with the low cost labor of the rest of the world. Survival of the fittest and since I still have a job, I’m buying the cheaper TV. When my job was finally outsourced, I started to wonder why the system is so unfair.

Where is the balance? I know, let’s put tariffs on everything. That will protect our manufacturing base. Wrong and more on this at a later date! U.S. business must compete in a worldwide economy. It must innovate faster, better and not be so quick to ship our solutions to competing countries under the guise of expanding market share.

How did this all happen? It is all based on policy decisions. Each side of the aisle, Republican and Democrat are both culpable, neither is innocent. They took advantage of hard working people, created bread and circuses, and played on the apathy and ignorance running rampant as we speak. Each blames the other, but the bureaucracies of both sides, enriched and guided by corporate elite, grow stronger as the working people are required to support policies that reward the lazy and inept.

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