Stop the Whining

Stop the Whining

I read comment sections of various articles, when they let you, as it provides the occasional insight into an alternative perspective. Most of the time, it is the same ramblings of the same people. For example, at least once, and usually far more often, the comments focus on how nothing matters until the election fraud that occurred in 2020 is repaired. In the commenters’ opinion, it occurred, no question. My response, with due credit to Henley and Frey is, get over it!

We can do several things at one time and it is important to pick good candidates for the 2022 election. Find people who see the importance of personal responsibility, have a decent platform, understand real life, and are not afraid to be held accountable. We need to make sure the parties are not selecting candidates. This is occurring in multiple states at all levels. They, the party rulers, are picking candidates that will do as they are told and not rock the boat. That is the last thing we need.

We need to shake things up, big time. Pay attention and stop dwelling on the past. Did election fraud occur? I don’t know, but I agree it is bothersome when Legislation is ignored (yes, laws) and other elected officials (or worse, appointed people) simply do what they want (and ignore law). Let the audits proceed and let the chips fall where they may. Focus on the future to fix these failed policies. Photo ID and elimination of ballot harvesting would be a good start. Volunteer, or sign up to work, in your local elections. Stop whining and do something.

Stop complaining about what the Democrats are doing. Take notes and track the data, but the Republicans have been responsible for their fair share of nefarious policies as well. Work on what you want to fix. Entitlements, but how? Taxes, a flat tax for citizens, but what about corporate? Education? Student loans? Fentanyl? Homelessness? Unemployment? Health Care? Deficit reduction, but how? Instead of complaining, learn. Stop using the democrats as an easy scapegoat and start working on candidates and a game plan for legislative action in 2022.

If a real red wave happens in 2022, which I hate to say I don’t see (there are too many people – across the socio-economic spectrum – who like/depend on government spending – and boy, are the Dem’s spending!), what legislation will be proposed and how will support be gathered? We will need to move fast to undo much of the damage done, or soon to be done, in an effort to get the country back on track. This won’t occur if we continue to just whine.

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    1. Nolan,

      I am very curious to see what comes out of the Arizona Audit. Supposedly it hits the streets next week. See if that prompts some other places to start its own audit. I hear and agree on accountability, but stop the ballot harvesting and fix mail in voting – as many have done. There is so much wrong, even in red states, there must be a focus on fixing broken policy instead of complaining about what was stolen.

      Thanks for the comment!

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