Do people actually believe some of the stuff that comes out of the media? Is there any skepticism, any at all? Have we lost the ability, or desire, to evaluate commentary? The right is guilty too, but the left has more practice. I appreciate politics is a dirty business, but people need to start calling out nonsense reported as news. Border patrol whipping people at the border. Really?!?!?

I have no problem with them whipping people at the border. We are being invaded, but that is not what’s happening. They (border patrol agents) are being asked to do an impossible job: “Hey Joe, keep these 100 people from going over there, but don’t hurt any of them.” Seriously, I know the bell curve is real and ignorance and apathy are rampant, but when the national news accuses law enforcement of racism (since the people they are whipping are Haitians), people need to be outraged. Not at BP agents, but at the national news announcer for spouting blatant lies. The misrepresentation of the situation is outrageous. I am aware misinformation is a cornerstone of Alinsky, but I truly thought we were smarter.

I am wrong again.

Instead of focusing on the problem, the invasion, it is the poor criminal who plays the victim… again. These BP agents are doing the best they can against overwhelming numbers. These people are invading and you are worried about their rights? What about the citizens of this country? What about our rights? We have a process to enter this country. If you circumvent these processes, the law is broken. Any and all means should be used to prevent entry, or contain the perpetrator. What would you do if ten unwanted and uninvited people showed up at your door and walked right in? People need to understand there are bad people in this world and breaking laws is a clear undesirable character indicator.

Critical mass is here. The media can say things and it becomes gospel. Covid is an outlying example. The narrative will be followed and if you deviate from it, you are a right wing extremist and should go directly to jail.

Should the United States remove its borders and invite everyone to come? If Congress wants to change the law, go for it, but currently, Congress is simply ignoring current law. If Joe Citizen does this, jail is forthcoming. Rules for thee and not for me is the new mantra.  

Who will pay for these criminals housing? Food? Health Care? Education? We can’t afford (as our current budget deficit proves) the people we have now.

It is only a matter of time before the whole thing explodes. Too many people think (and have been told) they have the right to do what they please. It may happen at the border or in some town where a busload of illegals has been dropped off, but it is coming. I have seen it, some of these aliens mistake our compassion and kindness for weakness. They are wrong. They just got here and already some believe entitlements are rights.

Once upon a time, people who came to this country wanted to assimilate, but no more. They want free stuff and to live under their own rules and do what they please. They have no interest in integrating and many are offended if it is suggested? The media explains assimilation is xenophobic and racist; this statement alone stops most people from engaging in debate. Once these words are uttered, there is no hope for discussion. The media perpetuates this narrative and should be held accountable by individuals on the ground.

They want in and unless we change tactics, they are coming. Fight the spin.

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