For the last many months, this blog has tried to illuminate the policy issues that are damaging this country and, in some cases, has offered changes as to how they might be improved. One of the themes of this blog is there does not have to be one solution. There are many States and multiple large cities that could act as incubators for different policy changes. These could be carefully monitored to see what is working and what is not. It could, and should, be scrutinized by both sides of the aisle.

So, why don’t we?

Policy changes may be too abstract to achieve passage, or implementation. Instead of seeking abstract policy changes, we need to list them:

Any person living in public housing will report to “work” each day.

Every person receiving public assistance, in any form, will report to work each day.

School boards and administrators’ salaries will never exceed the highest paid teacher.

Each public school student will undergo weekly assessments and attend night or weekend classes if unable to pass. Parents must attend with the child.

Teachers must be evaluated twice per semester to ensure engagement and competency.

Citizen committees will be established, on a rotating basis (4 month stints) to oversee all public fund expenditures.

Separate citizen committees will be established to review public functions and make recommendations to the mayor and/or city council.

These are only a few possibilities, there are many more. Policing, public health, jurisprudence and a host of others could be evaluated. It would make sense to choose different topics to try at different locations. One group of ten cities could examine public health and education while another group of ten cities examines policing and environmental issues. Another group could look at transportation and waste removal. There are plenty of issues worthy of study. Alternatives to existing processes must be considered.

Why is this such a foreign concept?

Why not do it? Pay the citizen groups and start implementing some ideas. If the ideas are impractical, define why and see if they can be applied in a micro environment. If not, keep thinking. Spending more money on policies and programs that are unsuccessful is foolish, but it is the modus operandi at all levels of government. Providing additional resources to fix ongoing issues is not working. Pick any policy area and consider how it might be improved.

We need to escape the status quo.

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