So Many Websites

So Many Websites

Since gaslighting, a popular euphemism for lying, is growing ever more popular, the fourth estate is losing some of its grip. Since most people still rely on the evening or nightly news to keep them informed, it still retains far more influence than its credibility warrants. Even Fox news is less than objective and can be as wrong as other media outlets. Both sides have a habit of stretching the truth or taking things completely out of context. Mixing what is watched to get a more balanced view is laudable, but not effective. To get to real truth, a person has to research, read and apply critical analysis to the words on the page. It can be difficult to find answers. That is a big part of the problem. In this day and age of the internet, why are facts so hard to find?

Some of it is blatant censorship, Covid has proved this statement.

It makes a great headline to blame censorship and suggest conspiracy theories surrounding the government’s desire to stop the media from publishing the truth, but it appears, like politics, there is a lack of cohesiveness among the various authors and publishers. Instead of coming together, they all appear to be pursuing their piece of the pie. These publishers want people to join their respective websites in an effort to defeat being censored by various social media groups or website hosting services. If a person joins, the argument is made, the authors and publishers can’t be silenced.

It may make the website owners and authors a few bucks (or a lot), but it is self defeating.

It doesn’t unite, it divides and more divisiveness is not the answer. The objectiveness of something kept behind a member’s only padlock is always a bit suspect. If you don’t like the narrative, don’t join or let the membership expire. Scrutiny encourages thoroughness, at least it used to, and can again if that is desired. It is needed.

To read the news now would make people believe there are two wholly different worlds, the one you live in depends on the news your watch. There is a lack of objectivity. Pick any current policy in place today and one side or the other will find fault with it. The Democrats have offered some policy changes and the Republicans (and some Democrats) don’t like them, but instead of discussing them or offering counters to these proposals, Republicans spout the most extreme suggestions as though it was the entire proposal. Democrats do the same thing.

These plethora of “conservative” news websites with its squadron of writers could help lead discussions about policy shifts that would benefit the average citizen, but instead they continue to take the extreme examples in an attempt prove the craziness of any Dem proposal. They either forgot, which is doubtful, or are purposefully attempting to subdivide or parcel the conservative population. Some of this conservative group wants debate and sees the need for policy changes (taxes, health care, education, etc.), but another portion would rather pontificate about outlandish Dem policy proposals. Instead of providing quality debate, many of these conservative outlets parrot the sites they claim to abhor. Many conservatives and liberals are tired of the extremes, but few, if any, objective websites exist.

To move forward, conservatives must demand policy debate.

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