Silencing Debate is Bad

Silencing Debate is Bad

As I hear the arguments about vaccinations, and whether you get the shot or not is none of my business, it concerns me when the government mandates…anything. This is more concerning when mandating “a something” makes certain corporations, and people, filthy rich. Somehow, call me crazy, this creates skepticism in my mind.

COVID is real, no doubt. It kills people, but so do other things. Why is this one different?

If the Government was truly interested in citizen welfare, why are people from other countries allowed into the U.S.? Why are illegal aliens not turned away, or at the very least vaccinated prior to being allowed entry? Why hasn’t the CDC and the current administration made an effort to explain why ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are not valid prophylaxis or treatments for COVID? Why has the medical community – forget the CDC or the government – not addressed the many doctors, and doctor groups, who expressed concerns about the squelching of potential treatments. My doctor told me, if you have symptoms, call and a treatment plan will be developed. If this disease is so devastating, how come much of the third world is not….dead?

Why is there such opposition to discussing the conversations raised by some in the medical community concerning the after effects of the vaccinations. Blood clots, both soon after and months later are a concern. Other issues have been raised as well. I don’t understand the science, but when professionals tell me there are unanswered questions about a vaccine that was only able to achieve emergency use authorization, I want to know more and expect further exploration before mandates are implemented. I expect those with knowledge to lead the charge in this quest. Some have tried but professional debate and query has been squelched.

The statistics have been manipulated and skewed to paint a more sinister picture. This is not conjecture or conspiracy theory, documented cases with clear fatal premorbidities are listed as death by COVID. This doesn’t include the truly silly headlines such as, “Surfer Dies – Struck by Lightning and Eaten by Shark” – dies of COVID. These too have been exposed but initially we were told it was the exception, not the rule. Later, the headlines read the numbers where off by more the twenty five percent in some cases. This is Larry, Moe and Curly record keeping, or fraud. I sent a note to my congressman months ago asking how much the federal government pays to hospitals treating COVID patients, crickets. I’d still like to know.

Censorship has already been discussed, but if the government is worried about our “well-being”, what is next? Are we in for “Bloomburg” rule, tax and restrict things that are not good for you? No soda for you, it’s bad for you. If you really want one, we going to tax the crap out of it, that should deter you. Are you overweight, here is the government diet. You don’t work out, that will cost you? You like a beer after work? Well, maybe one…if you are good. This is the beginning of the proverbial nanny state, which is a very polite way of saying, the government will dictate everything you do.

To make things worse, as the elites in DC have made more clear by the day, these rules are for thee and not me. The gaslighting is terrible, but the scary thing to me is that are not even trying to hide it anymore. They make no effort to justify their actions, it has devolved into…because I said so. If they want trust, they will have to treat us like adults, not children.

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  1. I was waiting to see streets cleared of dead and dying homeless. Howcumizzit They survived the second coming of the black plague?

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