Selective Enforcement of Law

Selective Enforcement of Law

Rule of law is a cornerstone of any nation. If you are rich or poor, it shouldn’t matter, the law applies. This is a great concept but has not really applied in this country. If you have money, you hire a lawyer and in many cases you will probably get a reduced sentence and may even walk. In other cases, lawyers take time and play a “long hand” that takes time to manifest. Then you walk. Make some deals, get folks to agree to certain things and then make sure they violate their own rules. This negates certain things that were said or “disallows” them to be used against….anyone, ever. It is back to the Judicial farce which has already been discussed. What is different, is Congress is ignoring laws that protect this country.

It is not the Democrats, but all (there may be a few, I don’t track them all) of Congress. Where is the Republican outrage that our borders are a sieve? Many, if not all, Democrats are screaming for a vaccine passport (the fact they do NOT see the irony in this is yet another reason why we are doomed), but don’t seem to be mandating these folks streaming across our border are vaccinated. How come they are being shipped to states without being held and vaccinated? Since we aren’t told where they are going, how will we know if they are the cause of the spread? We could simply say they were, how would anyone dispute this? Unless, they know where they are, maybe we could use this ploy to figure out where they are sending them?

We have all seen the videos of people stealing stuff from the stores in San Francisco (and now Los Angles), but evidently not enough people care. The law continues unchanged. But at least the City Council had the chutzpah to actually change the law. They made it clear they were going to encourage lawlessness and the citizens and businesses didn’t flood the meetings, boycott, or start a letter writing campaign. From what I’ve read, nobody really cared. I don’t live there, so I can’t get too uptight. I think its tragic from a societal standpoint, but so are many things that are allowed in that city.

But I live in in the US and I would like to see its laws upheld. If Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have no interests in upholding the laws, at least have the audacity to change them, filibuster be damned. Change the law to make it clear you want open borders. If you want to stop enforcing laws, remove them from the books.

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  1. We have been being screwed by them for decades.
    Anyone who does not know that the shit results of everything is intentional just isn’t paying attention.

    1. Agreed, but ignorance and apathy are rampant. Try “The Other AI…oh my” April 12, 2021, it delves into a bit more. I truly believe there are people out there that desire change, but they honestly don’t know where to begin. It is why I started this site. If you are interested, read the first post “We are Doomed” March 17, 2021, it provides context. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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