Road Trip

Road Trip

I recently took a road trip and noticed a few things that I was going to write about after a road trip I took a few months ago, but didn’t. After seeing the same things again, it seems appropriate to address them. As mentioned in recent blog posts, EMS seem to always approach an accident from “behind”. I witnessed this several times on this trip as EMS tried desperately to wade towards the accident through the literal miles of backup. In one situation, people were mulling around the wreak with some talking to the one police car that was on-scene. I will not Monday morning quarterback the officer’s actions, but there was little effort to move the cars (one car was definitely NOT moving without a tow) or to get traffic moving.

The traffic jam was multiple miles long and passed at least one exit (detour?).

The interstate highway system works pretty well if people follow the rules. If people want to sit in the left lane and maintain the same speed as the person in the right lane (or maybe one mile per hour faster), this system quickly deteriorates. I saw many people pulled over for speeding (at least they were speeding when they went past me, so it is an assumption on my part, but…), but I didn’t see one person pulled over for cruising in the left lane like they own it. I saw a person weaving in and out of traffic and while a bit aggressive, he/she didn’t cut anyone off or endanger anyone. The cause for this driving was to go around people that had no business being in the left lane.

Driving in the left lane are reflections on society as a whole. In many states, loitering in the left lane is against the law, but unless you are going below the speed limit, most people argue, it is not illegal. I have never seen anyone pulled over for doing it.

Why not?

People feel entitled? I know some who believe you are not entitled to speed, so they argue being in the left lane is keeping people safe. Seriously, they say this with a straight face. They want to impose their ideology into policies and the argument is: To keep other people safe. If anyone disagrees, like the EMS example, you are killing innocent people. The right does it with abortion and the left does it with entitlements. The right is more about imposing religious ideology through policy (e.g., banning abortion) and the left simply imposes its ideology-de-jour to create or expand policies that it can exploit to further its agenda.

Both are wrong.

The left was a bit more covert about its ideology (once upon a time, entitlements were a bad thing, but now the only bad part about them is they don’t supply a high enough standard of living). They went from we want equality, to somebody owes us money. They want more of the pie and believe it should be divided according to their ideologic beliefs. If the money is not allocated to their desires and programs, it is racist, misogynistic, bigoted, sexist, or some other attempt to keep people from achieving greatness. It is garbage. They will drive in the left lane to keep us all equal.

And never be ticketed.

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