Red Herring

Red Herring

Abortion, gun rights, transgender issues, censorship, the border, inflation, Ukraine and other nightly news stories are in some respects red herrings. A red herring is:

            Something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question.

Some of these topics are more substantive than the perennial red herrings like abortion and gay marriage, but they also have the effect of distracting the citizenry from substantive policy changes (e.g., education, health care, taxes, corporate subsidies, rule of law erosion, etc.). It is amazing that damaging policies can continue unabated year after year. The mainstream media are busy with other topics de jour, but all of these “other” conservative or alternative media platforms, for the most part, are simply running a parallel track. None of them have proposed an agenda, at least one I have heard about. I do try to listen.

At least from a topic perspective.

As primaries wrap up around the country, the races are becoming more clear. Who will face who, and odds-on favorites can be developed as to the chances of a leadership swing in one or both houses can commence. What is the agenda of the forecasted “red wave”, what policy changes will occur if leadership changes? Will the conservative right make gay marriage illegal? That is the next fear of the left since the far right appears to have won the abortion fight. What draconian plans are the conservatives planning? Only the shadow knows.

And that is the problem.

Why is it a secret? What laws will be changed and what chances does a new Congress have of overriding a Presidential veto? If the House sees a big swing, which is possible, the Senate is unlikely to see any big shift. Many of its long standing RINO’s were recently reelected. What will result is two more years of pontificating and immobility. If lucky, the American people may see some tweaks to alleviate some of the worst pain, but that assumes the actions have time to work before the economy goes into freefall. Positive economic adjustments take time, crashes don’t.

It is difficult to watch the plethora of bad policies perpetuated. It is worse to see smart people ignore them and treat people that try to discuss them with disdain and as negative Nancy’s (the horrible cousins of “The Karens’”). If anyone dares to discuss bad news, they are a pessimist, a reactionary or a potential domestic terrorist. Is it bad news if it really is true?

Am I paranoid if they are really are out to get me.

Conspiracy theories aside, core policies that govern us are eroding. Rule of law is becoming increasingly selective. Healthy debate is gone, we have devolved into an us or them society. Covid has proven that any attempt at discussion will be squelched, or worse. The inability to discuss problems will expedite our demise. The divisiveness deepens each day. It will only get worse as the mid terms approach and worsen as the new Congress is unable to pass anything of substance.

The only people who will benefit from these destructive policies are those in Congress who have managed the fine art of political corruption (examine net worth going in compared to current value, it is not rocket science), corporate giants who will continue to smother small business but will support the subsidization of both itself and its customers. No accountability will be demanded from anyone receiving money. A year after the mid terms, the rallying cry will be changed, but only the wording. The rhetoric will continue.

Until the people demand real change.

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