I have always said change must happen at the local level, the people must demand it and set an example. They must elect leaders who will then take the changes to the State and Federal levels. It is unlikely substantive change will start at the Federal Level and trickly down. I still believe this.

One of the added challenges to this problem is a reinvigorated propaganda machine known as the local news. Many Americans still get their information from this new source. When this source, coupled with Facebook and a few other so called mainstream media sources, is the how information is ingested by the locals, a narrative is created that paints an inaccurate picture of the world.

Covid is the simplest example, but recent well publicized trials make good examples as well. Blatant lies were headlined, at supposedly well trusted outlets, without recourse. CBS news didn’t shout that NBC news was publishing lies. ABC did not denounce the Associated Press (AP) for inaccurate information pertaining to the trials. If other news sources were not read, these lies become truth and anyone disputing them is refuting the news. The various news sources should act as a check and balance against each other and ensure real facts emerge. This was the strength of the proverbial fourth estate.

But that no longer occurs.

This fact is cemented by the description of the Waukesha, WI Christmas parade massacre being described on the news as a “crash”. This description is ubiquitous across news channels, the narrative is the same. Why is this happening, what is driving this news solidarity? Whatever the reason, it is damaging to the citizenry. When the local news channels can spin atrocities as simple traffic accidents, and the people believe it, the objectiveness which should be news is gone.

While the corruption of local news is worsening, it will extend to politics and policies. Policies will get twisted to conform to the desired narrative. Look at CRT (Critical Race Theory) and how the media insists it is not taught in schools while at the same time paying people to explain and lecture on the value of its principles. Lt. Governor elect Sears suggested it (CRT) is not “taught” in schools but is “weaved-in” to the curriculum. As she suggested by her comments, this is not semantics, weaved in means it is ensconced throughout all curriculum. To suggest it is not taught, since there is not a class labeled CRT – 101, is ridiculous. It is more propaganda.

The propaganda will extend to political campaigns. If a candidate suggests the Waukesha massacre was murder in the first degree and should be prosecuted as such, how might this candidate be treated by a local news media that calls it a crash. Will this candidate receive the same air time as the opponent who agrees with the local news media assertion that it was a vehicle crash? It is doubtful. Local news is still a significant outlet for gathering information and vetting candidates. If the local news shuns, or worse, ostracizes these candidates because the message is out of sync with its own, the citizenry is damaged.

I don’t use propaganda lightly as it implies a gullible populace, but based on the pervasive volume of misleading information currently in the news, people are accepting what they hear and read as gospel. It was on the news, so it must be true. Unfortunately, the news is becoming as trustworthy as the internet. The local populations continue to tune in to the nightly broadcasts and read popular mainstream websites to gather news (and form opinions).

If not already there, at some point soon, folks will agree the Emperor’s clothes look fantastic.

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