Primary Elections

Primary Elections

Oh boy, another group of “least of many evils” and nobody saying anything different. They all support everything, and offer to change nothing. More for everyone, but less inflation. No more funding abortion and the overturning of Roe is great, but no solutions for hangers in bathtubs. The military should be funded and have the latest equipment, but no mention of our exploding debt. Medicare must be expanded, seniors deserve it. Student debt should be examined and financial aid extended to blue collar training. More is good, even more is even better, and most is best.

Everybody party like its 1999.

I looked at the various races in my neighborhood and made my choices. None of my candidates will win. I could guess who will win and of the prospective candidates, none will make a difference. There is no leadership among them. Their campaign ads suggest nothing different and the absence of suggestions as to trimming any government programs defies the candidates’ mantra of smaller government.

It will be interesting to see how the elections play out and what new rules the various election committees and current office holders will enact (and enforce). Will drop boxes be allowed? Will another Covid wave hit the country around election time to “force” another round of fanatic mail in ballots? How about vote by phone? Maybe a citizen can only vote if the have a high enough social media score, or is that still a few years away? I know, you can’t vote unless you are jabbed? I digress.

I have not spent much time looking at the Senate races since I don’t believe enough seats will swing to make much of a difference. There are too many RINO’s to get policy changed. A few things will change, but nothing substantive. The House will go Republican unless the Dems can incite enough fear or the R’s get cocky and start doing stupid crap. Again, they may try to get some things done, but the Senate won’t have enough to override any veto and Joe will veto anything of value.

We are stuck until 2024.

Much can happen in the next two and a half years, but States need to take control. Again, I doubt it will happen simply due to the people running and their agendas. Business, party leaders and many people do not want change. It does not benefit them. More government safety nets will be offered to support those damaged by the failing economy and deteriorating currency. Deficit spending will continue and more subsidies will be granted to more companies. It may carry a Covid relief moniker or some other fancy name. It will benefit some while leaving others out, but it will only weaken the country. Sorry to be all doom and gloom, but the upcoming primaries, and the prospective choices confirm substantive change is put on hold.


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