Primaries – Press for Answers

Primaries – Press for Answers

Party candidates, on both sides, are carefully vetted and all understand the political game. I’m sure they are all good people. That is not the point. I want to know what they will do? How will they improve the Country?

Will they demand a balanced budget? Will they stop federal spending on education? Will it eliminate the student loan program? Will it cease spending on foreign aid? How will they address social ills? What are their views concerning tax policy? How should homelessness be managed? How should health insurance issues be addressed? Should quotas be stopped or expanded? Should government set a minimum wage and if so, what should it be? Who should it apply to? How about censorship? How will it curtail government growth? How about immigration? The border? The drug problem? And so many more questions.

How will they pay for the all of the promises they make to help ALL constituencies while at the same time balance the budget? What programs will they cut and by how much? What is their plan to cut the budget? If they suggest economic growth will solve the problem, they are either lying or stupid. Don’t believe them.

Politicians tell people what they want to hear, but what we need are politicians who tell it like it is. The American People need a heavy dose of reality. It doesn’t matter if you hate Trump or Biden, or their eventual successors, the policies promoted by both sides of the aisle are destroying this country. We must start paying attention.

The deficit has ballooned, student loan debt is in the TRILLIONS (yes, with a T), the government is the single largest employer in the country, the number of people on the dole is increasing, homelessness is rampant, our education system continues its exponential decline, health care is a problem, manufacturing continues to move out of country, immigration is unchecked, tax policy is absurd, big tech is omnipotent, roads still suck, infrastructure is still in disrepair, corporate welfare is prolific, foreign aid is still provided, military spending is ridiculous, meth and fentanyl are an expanding threat, and so many other issues. This is not a pessimistic outlook, this is reality.

But Republican candidates will tell you about God and country and explain how they will fix the latest ills created by Democrats. They will warn you of perennial ills such as higher taxes, an open border and a loss of freedoms. They will attempt to scare you into voting for them. Some of these fears will be well founded (e.g., border issues). News flash, many democrats are religious too.

Democratic candidates will warn you of the trifecta of fears: Xenophobia, Homophobia, and Chrematophobia. Again, some of these are warranted (e.g., tax policy favors rich people…and large corporations). Most people are not opposed to “managed” immigration, but are adamantly opposed to “open borders”; they have no interest in isolationism. Most people don’t care about your personal life.

Please, don’t fall for it. It is subterfuge and obfuscation. This country is a mess right now, due in many cases to decade old policies implemented by both sides of the aisle. These are swept under the rug to avoid real conversations and are instead replaced with the aforementioned perennial favorites.

There is no desire for change from the large businesses that extend influence through elected officials. These companies, through donations, establish influence through party channels to ensure the people selected, and approved, will adhere to the party line. It happens on both sides.

Each side can be as crazy as the other but will continue the ruse until their shell game is stopped. Party leadership and candidates they present have no incentive to cease and desist. They need these policies to continue to ensure continued dominance. Until the people start to select their own candidates, at all levels (Federal, State and Local), this downward slide will continue.

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