Policy Reach

Policy Reach

The Covid jab, mask mandates, and other lockdown protocols vary from State to State and often city to city with the only consistency being the absence of standard. As protocols are lifted, a sense of victory (for some) is emerging. Why? The damage is done. Many companies, the government and entire industries have mandated employees get the jab in order to keep, or apply, for jobs. What is worse is the pharmaceutical industry, with the help of government agencies, are now pursuing children.

This is wrong.  

The censorship that is being encouraged, applauded and applied is frightening. The sheer volume of people who appear to advocate the silencing of medical practitioners that are encouraging debate, further research, controlled studies and other conversations to enhance our understanding of both the virus and the mRNA inoculations’ is astounding. Any attempt to discuss therapeutics outside the jab are looked at as heresy. The fact that many are encouraging companies to silence people should be ringing alarm bells worldwide, or at least in democratic strongholds.

It has ceased to be two weeks to flatten the curve and we have abandoned science. The narrative is arranged and any deviation will be met with rigorous denial, contextual framing, gaslighting, or name calling. But, again, the damage is done.

Look at the job market. If unjabbed, a job hunter is excluded from a large majority of potential jobs. Private companies, who desire government funds, will adjust policy in an effort to endear itself to the administration. This is not a mystery, it makes good business sense. Public jobs are also demanding an employee be jabbed. Some of these companies make their jab status clear, while others are more covert. If a hiring manager is concerned about catching Covid, would they consider an unjabbed candidate?

No way, but good luck proving it.

Currently, there are two camps, care or don’t care. Some argue there is a third group which includes those that don’t care if you are jabbed or unjabbed, but who are jabbed. Not accurate, there are two groups. Jabbed is at least two out of three, or three out of four depending on the dataset. Depending on the industry and type of work, it can be significantly higher. If an employee is unjabbed, this is a significant hurdle. This discussion has been muted since the solution is simple, get the jab.

As data is collected, the jab appears less and less as a panacea.

The jab policy has far-reaching implications. If enough companies demand the jab for employment, how long before the government will demand the jab before benefit eligibility is considered? It has already extended to organ transplants, but what about something ubiquitous like social security or Medicaid? Many of the issues that were discounted a year ago as conspiracy theory, such as vaccine passports, are now reasonable. The idea that people have been cowered to government control shows the power of policy. Much of this is not even law, but policy, often created by unelected people.

People don’t care.

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