Policy Problems

Policy Problems

I didn’t watch the President’s speech the other night, but as usually, one side said it was great and the other side said it was the root of all evil. Something to be said for consistency. When politicians speak, there is generally some thread of truth surrounding the pontificating. I often use Bernie Sanders to illustrate this point. Bernie has problems with many laws, and policies, and in some cases, I agree with the principle. As a whole, I think much of what he says is alarmist and would prove extremely difficult to implement, not have the result he suggests, or on its own not solve the problem. For example, tax all the billionaires.

How much?

If taxes become too high, they will simply leave. The United States is not the only safe and comfortable country in the world. A billionaire would simply leave and visit when it suited. Vacation home held by corporate entities would provide safe vacation spots. Taxing them out of their riches is not the answer unless the goal is to run them off. As discussed previously, tax them differently and if they don’t invest in new companies, tax the crap out of them and deny any future visas if they leave.

As Biden reminds us of the great job he is doing and the danger of the MAGA ideology, what positive policy changes has his administration made? Illegal immigration continues unabated. Covid requirements are in place for any government employee, but not for anyone wandering across the border. Drug use is rampant with deaths from overdose increasing monthly. Studies have shown the damage of lockdowns on childhood education (and adult mental health). Homelessness continues to be a problem. Green energy is the push, but no transition is explained? Inflation is through the roof and appears to be continuing unabated. Housing costs are prohibitive. Wages are static. Health care continues to be expensive. As the gig economy grows, health insurance will continue to be a huge burden.

Build back better, or the portion that was passed, will do little to encourage competition or dampen inflationary pressures. To the contrary, for those two metrics, it will do damage. Relieving student debt is simply a slap in the face to fiscal responsible people, many of whom are not Republicans. People have not forgotten the Afghanistan mayhem and the people and resources that were forfeited due to poor planning. The Democratic controlled Congress is responsible for the lack of accounting of the multi billions of dollars that was sent to Ukraine. While many Republicans should also share this shame, and blame.

People, if you believe the polls, which I usually do not, are upset about the overturning of Roe v. Wade. People blame the Republicans, and they should, but the SCOTUS decision returns this power to the States. Draconian Republican States will feel the burn of eliminating all abortions just as the Democrats will understand most people don’t think abortion is OK in the third trimester.

This whole policy debate underlies the inability of both sides to compromise and create policy that is rationale. People think abortion is bad, but also appreciate life is not black and white. Many of the policies listed here exemplify the whole “2Seatsin” philosophy, but the problem is neither side has any interest in change. Biden says he is right and the direction change is needed to alter the countries direction. The Republicans suggest these changes are damaging.

The people continue to pay the price.

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