Part of The Plan

Part of the Plan

Instead of apologizing for discussing abortion…again, I think it is necessary to exemplify how this topic (and a few others) are used to polarize, divide, and distract, the voting public. As policies are enacted and other laws ignored, this issue continues to be used as propaganda. The list of policy quagmires is long and many have been mentioned in this blog. The original topic today was about the plethora of minor policies that have been installed that when taken together create a cacophony of bureaucracy. But this topic will have to wait.

Abortion is again enhancing divisiveness.

Both parties enjoy these perennial policy issues and the Republican party, void of leadership, is unwilling to take a stand. It depends too heavily on the group of members that refuse to surrender from the: “I don’t kill babies’ position”. As wonderful an ideologic position this may be, reality enters the fray and suggests it may not be that simple.

It usually isn’t.

The Democrats are laughing and using this issue to show how out-of-touch the Republicans are from reality. Similar to the way Republicans use various issues, like Green Energy, to show how out-of-touch the Dems are, it works both ways. Instead of acknowledging reality and suggesting a middle ground, the Republicans are letting the extreme part of its party have its way.

It should not.

Some states have avoided it and passed, or let stand its abortion rules. Others have used it to slam any past compromises and push through (too many puns here!!!) draconian legislation that bans all abortions including rape, incest, and baby development. These actions, or proposed (and in some cases passed) legislation, is being touted as the reason the once forecasted red wave will turn into a ripple. As mentioned months ago, I don’t think this issue is the primary reason for the wave to ripple phenomenon, but it certainly isn’t helping.

It proves the GOP has lost the ability to separate ideology from good policy. This has been, and continues to be, a cornerstone of the Democratic position. Green energy is where we should go and if it means we have to starve or freeze until it is achieved, it is a price we must pay.

It is ludicrous.

Both sides have had these ideologues since the dawn of time, but in the past their voice was squelched by party leaders. In the two seats in analysis, these are the 5th chairs. Now it appears these folks are bleeding into the 4th chairs too. These party leaders had a different agenda, they were busy catering to corporate elites in order to secure future reelection, power and money. The citizens were too busy trying to make a living to pay attention or were convinced the party had its back. It knew the fifth chair policies would be controlled by the party. The last thing they expected was for the fifth chairs to become the party. Now, the party leaders are willing to let the ideologues argue and banter. It is a great smokescreen. The proliferation of destructive policies, avoidance of effective laws, and the obliviousness of the general public continues unabated.

The 2seatsin folks need to step up.

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