“Our Side”

“Our Side”

I was watching a sound clip from a conservative show and the following statement was made:

“We don’t have strong people on our side”

When I first heard this statement, I was angry. What is “our side”? I am a conservative who believes the Republican Party, the GOP, is as responsible for the policy problems as folks on the other side of the aisle. Admittedly, the new Democrat Party, with its everything is free chorus, has taken policy desecration to a new level, but I need clarification as to “our side”?

Am I on “your” side if (a very short list):

Personal responsibility is paramount

People should not get things for free

People should work

Wealth redistribution is wrong

Education is the responsibility of the Parent and Student, not the State

Businesses do not have the same rights as individuals

Everyone should pay taxes

If I think abortion is bad, but shouldn’t be against the law

If who you marry is none of my business

In many cases the answer is unclear. If past policy decisions are any indication, the answer is clearly no. This is the problem. Conservatives are aligned with the GOP, but many of the above beliefs run counter to both parties. Both parties have done great work in securing exceptions to the above doctrines. In some cases, it is not exceptions but outright authorization. What policies does “our side” represent?

I have made the OAI (the Other AI – Apathy and Ignorance) problem clear in prior discussions, but for those paying attention and seeking substantive positive change, “our side” does not represent a productive path. In fact, the path is unclear. It may be the lesser of two evils, but is this the best it can do? It is why Obama, Trump and Biden all got elected, people will vote for anyone they think will promote change. They know it is broken, but nobody on “our side” or “their side” is offering productive suggestions.

Some of us have tried to offer suggestions, alternatives, but conservative leadership is as impenetrable as its liberal counterpart. As an example, if a person can’t wear the mantra of Pro Life, regardless of circumstance or situation, they are part of the problem; that voice is not welcome on any conservative platform. People have ideas, suggestions, but apparently, leaders holding sway over conservative platforms will not permit others to play in their sandbox.

The goal is to keep the two sides at bay. Divisiveness feeds clicks and views fund the platform. On one side, there is “our side” and on the other is “their side”, but there is a significant population that is learning neither side really believes in the above ideals. Instead of looking for people on “our side”, present a platform embodied in those thoughts mentioned above and invite criticism and input. People have identified problems and offered solutions. What is needed is help getting to the podium.

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