When recent polls appear about, well anything, even the most nefarious simple polls seem to have a solid one-third support. Do you support someone drinking your beer:  32.4% of respondents support this policy, 40% are opposed and 68% are undecided. In this particular poll, it could be 32.4% are drunk, but the results are still unbelievable. A drunk person would never support someone drinking their beer, maybe yours, but never theirs. They may share it if your story is good enough!

But I digress.

Maybe the polls are true and if that is the case, the urgency for those occupying the “2seatsin” crowd need to hurry up. The number of wingnuts is growing exponentially. Who supports open borders and not prosecuting criminals. How are these polls worded, it does make a big difference? There are many people involved in industries that pay well enough to provide a screen to those that feel the pain of low paying jobs. If the salary is high enough, do all policies look good?

Much of the country is in dire straits.

Inflation has risen dramatically, more than acknowledged by the Fed and gas prices have more than doubled in the last two years. In this same time frame, wages have only seen minimal increases and lower scale wages have barely moved. It is taking more money to live the same way. In many cases, the initial standard of living was not great. Two or three years ago, a fifteen dollar an hour job allowed a person to survive. It may not have provided luxury but, in many locations, it provided a safe living. Now, if that job requires a ten or fifteen mile commute, it takes several man-hours per week more just to pay the gas for the commute, not to mention the increased cost to eat. For many folks, it is a big deal.

These cost of living increases are driven by policy, bad policy, but policy nonetheless.

As I look at polls, I wonder who represents this one-third. Is the question wording or do people simply not care if criminals run loose? Do they make so much money that a doubling (or more) of their monthly gas expense is negligible? Do they not care that items are not in stock or local business can’t get enough help? Do people not care that wages offered to low skilled labor will not provide for even modest living expenses?  Is there no interest in the dichotomy of the economic condition? Maybe polls should come with a socio-economic scale? This poll was given to people who make less than twenty dollars per hour of work. That poll was given to people who live in a city of 50,000 people and make $100,000 per year.

It would provide insight into polls?

The argument I keep hearing is people don’t want to work. I don’t agree, people don’t want to work if that work will not allow them to provide for themselves. As the economy struggles to find new footing as the Fed manages stagflation, it will be interesting to see how those currently comfortable with doubling gas prices, open borders, run away inflation, and other problematic, and expensive, policies will feel when their job is eliminated. Just like in 2009, many people will feel the pain and may start to pay attention to how policy affects their lives.

And some never will.

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