Not Enough People Care

Not Enough People Care

Injustices abound every day in our farce of a legal system. People defend it as better than most, but blatant injustice is indefensible. Whether the Nation’s capitol building was “stormed” or not, the people arrested for involvement deserve due process. A person was shot, and killed, by a law enforcement officer, this should be investigated with the results fully reviewable. Other injustices abound. When arrested, due process should be swift and transparent.

It is not the case.

This was going on long before Covid came around, but it has made it worse. It is not only the justice system. How long have the citizenry complained about other regulation nonsense. Our roads continue to deteriorate, but nothing is done. Our international education position continues to slide, but college costs continue to skyrocket and student debt is ridiculous. Our K-12 model remains unchanged. Drug prices are the highest in the world, but any attempt to buy them from a different country is illegal. Companies continue to leave the U.S. for foreign soil and force employees to train replacements in order to receive severance. Not everyone, like the ex-CEO of Levi’s, can afford to walk away from cash.

Standing up for principles is great, until your family starves because of it.

Maybe I don’t watch enough news, but the websites I frequent are certain we are near a turning point. I don’t see it. The majority of people, at least in the U.S., believe in the vaccine. Enough of them, call it critical mass, have been vaccinated. Many are willing to get periodic boosters just to avoid a hassle. Others will do it to maintain employment, you know, to continue providing for their family. This is not a slight majority, it is between two-thirds to three-quarters of the adult population. Can a minority change the norm? I doubt it, but it may be able to generate a reprieve, this time.

Covid, the pandemic, in my opinion has been a test. A very successful test. It has shown how easily the masses can be manipulated. Is Covid real? Absolutely. Can it kill you? Absolutely. But the test was to see if a population could be made so fearful that it willingly surrendered its human rights for something that government employees told them was dangerous. 

It worked, and better than they thought.

Not only did people believe the pamphlets, but they got “experts” to corroborate these fears. In addition to getting other experts to agree, to albeit exaggerated concerns, they were able to get these same experts to turn against heretofore respected colleagues to denounce them for ignorance and ethics violation.

This is huge!

Any disagreement could be met with license revocation, or worse, legal charges. Any defense suggesting debate, conversation or alternative solutions was met with vitriol and the now normal cries of racist, misogynist and bigot. I am certain the Covid planners were absolutely giggly. They could never have hoped for such a response. They made censorship of experts both responsible and expected. Snitching on neighbors is now a civic duty.

Mao would be proud.

The interesting thing to me is this has been going on for a long time. For example, and this is only one of many examples. A lot of people, including me, have been saying for decades that the education system is broken. Those people have long-been ostracized and removed from positions of authority or influence. Parents, students, politicians, business leaders, and others have continued to defend the education system, even as our international standard deteriorates.

Nothing changes.

I am thrilled people are being to pay attention, but the level – the extent of the ignorance and apathy – is so deep, I hope this new crop can stand-in long enough to make a difference.

For some of us, it has been a long, frustrating road.

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