Not Criminals, New Customers

Not Criminals, New Customers

Imagine you are a small business and the actions of the government, or its corresponding policies, were great for business. These policies expanded your revenue stream and made it easier to fill jobs and expanded the job pool. These policies may also increase the tax rate or make supplies more expensive, but those are costs that will be passed on to the consumer. The tradeoff is clear. Now, imagine you are a Fortune 500 company; if it was great for small business, it must be truly awesome for the big guys.

As criminals pour across our southern border and visa recipients elect to stay well past deadline, why is it allowed? Why aren’t people outraged? Why isn’t Congress doing anything about it? Failed policies, inept administration, poor employees, bad leadership, insufficient manpower are all potential possibilities, but think about businesses.

They want as many customers as they can get.

Do you think Walmart, Costco, Amazon or any of the other firms in the Fortune 500 want to turn away customers? That is crazy talk. Since the nations demographics do not show much population growth, these large corporations want to import it. Instead of a sensible immigration policy, they are fine with opening the gates and letting the communities sort it out.  

They make money, they love these policies. Don’t want a job, no problem, the government will give you money that you will spend at Fortune 500 establishments. Sound silly, then why aren’t business leaders outraged? Why don’t they stop funding Legislators, and other elected officials, that encourage or support this behavior?

People have to pay attention. What is good for business is not necessarily good for society.

As a business, the goal, and arguably the law, is to maximize profit. When the government is subsidizing the workforce, a business will make no effort to change that policy. If a majority of the workforce is jabbed, it is less controversial to mandate the minority get jabbed. It is just good business sense. It is difficult to argue against the majority from a business perspective (e.g. concerning the jab); let the government create a shield of liability protection. It keeps the company from getting sued and if they lose a few employees, so what. People are getting used to poor service and long wait times. The Covid supply chain is the best scapegoat business has had in a very long time. It will continue to be used to justify the huge inflation that is (and has been) occurring.

The people in this country can solve this, but there is little, if any, motivation on the part of large business to change policies that benefit them. Biden, and his inept administration, make great targets too, but remember, this decay has been happening over the past many decades. Both Republican and Democratic administrations are culpable. The fact these policies are damaging to communities and extremely expensive for a majority of Americans is conveniently being blamed on Covid, or other useful idiots.

The sad part is, many people are buying it.

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  1. Sound silly, then why aren’t business leaders outraged? Why don’t they stop funding Legislators, and other elected officials, that encourage or support this behavior?

    Short term gains, ignoring the obvious long term consequences. Self centered,short sighted, overpaid members of the Board of Directors who get bonuses based on Right Now profits are blind to the obvious consequences of destroying the economy. All they care about is the Immediate profitability of the company, so they get their bonuses. They Happily sacrifice Americans ability to be able to grow in their lives in order to make another few million.
    Henry Ford said
    If the American people knew how the economy was run there would be revolution by morning.
    Our electeds are destroying us.

    1. Yes,

      As you say, electeds are destroying this country. Both sides of the aisle. But, we keep electing the same people. I was thinking about running for Governor in my state, but you have to be a resident for 7 years (so I don’t qualify). I can run for a Congressional Senate seat, you only have to be a resident for one day to do that. You can’t make this stuff up.

      Don’t forget to have some fun!

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