The government gives money to so many entities. It gives it away to other governments, companies and individuals. Congress appropriates it to executive branch agencies and the people in charge of these legislative authorized programs allocate it out. The oversight of this allocation is yet another thing that needs a complete overhaul. It is another reason why change is so hard to achieve. This blog has identified multiple areas that need change, but it is difficult to change when the status quo is so lucrative.

The government must stop spending money but what programs should be cut? This is an excellent candidate question, but the short answer is all of them. When asking a candidate, the response is never short since the response explains how each program should be reviewed and evaluated. Defense, education, social and certainly foreign spending all need cuts, but if any candidate were to suggested these things, they would never get elected. It is not what the people want to hear. They want more for “us” and less for the “them”. When it comes to government programs and subsidies, everyone is a NIMBY (Not In My BackYard). Their backyard, in this case, is any program that subsidizes them.

This is the cycle.

Both sides do it and are culpable. We didn’t assume thirty plus trillion in debt by one side being fiscally conservative, it was a group effort. It will take a large group of citizens to get us out of it. It will take members of both political parties. All programs will feel the pain of reduction. It will never happen unless people demand it. The current crop of candidates will not make it happen. Many of those running are millionaires or know little about how government programs work (or don’t work). None have the stomach or desire for a short lived political career. They want to help us for a long time. To make it happen will require a frequent use of the word, no. To use an old analogy, you can’t simply let children do what they want.

We have done it for too long.

Since most ballots are already cast and the primaries only weeks away in some states, ask the slate of candidates what programs they will cut? Since most adults over the age of 65 (or 68) will demand their benefits never get cut and should be increased since they have contributed to the success of the country and have already paid the price, their programs should be funded in perpetuity while receiving COLA’s that exceed inflation. All because they deserve it, if those darn young people would just work and get off welfare, everything would be fine (seriously, ask any person 70 or older and the tirade will be something similar). It doesn’t matter how much of a retirement next egg a person created, their health care should be subsidized. Ask college age kids and they want everything to be free, or heavily subsidized (including health care). Young people want a doubling or tripling of the minimum wage.

Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie.

At some point, real life kicks in. People have to work, study, and learn skills that produce for society. If they don’t, they must work menial jobs to support some minimal standard of living. This will never happen until the citizens demand the parties choose people who pursue this agenda. Without significant pressure, and leverage, the parities will continue to promote people to further their agenda. Their agenda, both Democrats and Republicans, is what got us here in the first place. They win reelection by giving more to some group, or ensuring no group gets less. What has changed to make people believe a new crop of candidates sponsored by the same leadership will make any progress? The only way out of this mess is to give a whole lot of people a whole lot less and to demand more value for what is purchased.

I hope the realization happens before it is too late.

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