Multiple Solutions

Multiple Solutions

In virtually every policy debate, the party leaders, prospective candidates, mainstream media, talking heads and seemingly everyone else is absorbed with the elusive solution that will solve the problem de jour. What we fail to realize is there may not be one solution, but we keep the status quo in fear the suggested changes will also fail. Government often moves at a snail’s pace but this does not have to be the case. If the people demand it, it can move quickly.

There must be motivation.

Parents with newborns are frantically looking for formula. How did this happen? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a monstrosity and oversees too many programs, but it was correct to shut down the formula plant. Some people want to blame the Biden administration, the FDA or the government. As President Truman said, the buck stops here. As the proverbial CEO of the Executive Branch, Biden should have been told what was going on and the repercussions of the shutdown. He could have leveraged the legal authority of the FDA to fine Abbott into bankruptcy if they didn’t fix the problem quickly (without a huge disruption to the supply chain). He could have acted with foresight instead of reacting to a crisis. The head of the FDA, or the head of the formula oversight unit, could have resigned in an effort to help him save face.

None of this happened.

The government is an easy target, but this is inexcusable. Before any solutions can be forthcoming, a problem must be identified. It is easier to address a situation before it becomes a full-scale problem, but the first step is to acknowledge there is a problem. This was not done.

It is not the first time.

People must expect more from their government. Too many problems exist with no effort to offer any solutions. Politicians are looking for panaceas to appease the people, but are quick to point out the problem, and any corresponding solutions, are complicated. In some cases, yes, but to continue down the same path is ridiculous.

Change something, anything, now, please!

The citizenry needs to see an attempt to reign in some of these policies. The rule of law needs to come back and people that break the law need to pay a price. If people can’t live with the rules established by society, they need to be removed so the rest of us can live in peace. Policies, and current laws, are being ignored. As this behavior goes unpunished, it will worsen. Current crime statistics, and observations, have proven this is true. How corrupted must the statistics become before people demand solutions. These ideas or proposed solutions must not eradicate the problem but show a real effort to address them. To stand by and watch the deterioration of society due to the inability to find a perfect solution is ignorant.

We have hundreds of cities (and more) to try out new ideas. It does not have to be a one size fits all solution. We need to encourage cities and local entities to find solutions to these various problems. Try it, evaluate it, change what isn’t working and codify what is, but do something. Take a risk and allow the people to voice their concerns as the new solutions are put forth.

We need solutions.

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