More Money

More Money

As Congress passes an altered version of Build Back Better and swears it will reduce inflation while expanding debt and providing for, yet another, round of subsidies for business. The Republicans will say they tried to stop those silly dems and when the heavily forecasted red tide fails to materialize but the Republicans still take the House, come next year, the Republicans will introduce legislation they know darn good and well won’t pass, but will use it as a showcase to show how they tried to stop them. 

They, both sides of the aisle, think a majority of the American people are stupid. As long as they can keep both sides at odds (maintain divisiveness, if not enhance it), elected officials will continue to destroy the country. Until enough folks can show how the country can be repaired (through policy change), the status quo will continue. We will continue to spend, have government programs that fail at every turn, subsidize business and expand the entitlement population. It has deliberately spread to the Judicial Branch: It has decided it would like to selectively enforce certain laws, ignore the enforcement of laws that don’t further the Dem agenda and has gone as far as interpreting law. As past blog posts have made very clear, much legal ambiguity is the fault of the legislature. 

As history has proven time and time again, the economy is on a wholly different clock than politics. One administration’s policies could significantly help the economy but not be realized until after it has gone. In this case, I don’t see it. Is the climate warming, I doubt it, but for the sake of argument, let’s say it is? What are the citizens of the US doing about it? What has the administration done to help mitigate energy usage of its citizens? Has it applied a tax on gasoline? Has it applied a tax on “excessive” energy usage (whatever that is?)

What policies, please don’t say electric vehicles, have been instituted to incentivize (or punish) the citizenry to be more energy efficient. The policies appear to be greater subsidies to chip companies or other corporate darlings? It will not be long before no company will produce anything without a government subsidy. Wait, that sounds like the wrong country. But I digress. 

Roe is a continued distraction and one big enough to allow the Dem’s to get part of their agenda passed. Biden has been counseled he can do student debt relief via executive order, but that is another farce. It is a slap in the face of every person who pays their debts and will create both a psychological¬†and ideologic¬†divide that, when combined with the damage of current policies, may create a nationalistic fissure that can’t be healed.¬†

I hope I’m wrong. 

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