More Like Guidelines

More Like Guidelines

District Attorneys and other judicial appointees (e.g., U.S. Attorneys) make decisions about enforcement and what to bring to trial. As time has shown, the judicial system lacks an objective eye. Lady Justice has seen better days and is not aging well.

With an eye toward equity many leaders have decided to ignore various current laws. Since minority or economically depressed demographics are often the perpetrators of these crimes, they should be given a pass. The number of incidences will drop if the occurrences are not counted. It will help with Correctional Department overcrowding and give the appearance of crime management. That is not statistical manipulation but simple avoidance. It will make them look good, but the citizens will pay the price. These are bad policy decisions that are being touted as progress. It is lunacy.

People don’t care.

Some people support open borders and believe some crimes should not be prosecuted. Some believe the police are too heavy handed and the justice system is more harsh to poor and minorities. They believe in equity and social program expansion. Some suggest amnesty, debt forgiveness and reparations are positive steps. If the polls are correct, the number of people that support these policies are substantial.

The implementation of selective enforcement may actually show a reduction in crime, if it is not counted, it never happened. Other statistics become skewed as well. Any statement to the contrary is hyperbole or right wing craziness. Instead of focusing on “its” agenda and how policy changes would help correct failed policies, the right simply suggests the left is crazy. The left does the same. One of the problems is there are so many failed policies, even the left’s craziness has appeal to some folks. They indicate crime will go down under their policies; the defense requires an understanding of processes and reporting. Tough to defend in a thirty second sound bite.

People are too lazy to defend it and say the left won’t listen.

Neither side listens, but will as the divide expands. Fiscal policy is a farce, education is degrading to the point where in some places it is no more than a day care, higher education is losing its edge in its quest for equity, social programs expand daily to grow the subsidy provided to companies and industries, the incentives to not work appear to be expanding, and both sides point fingers and smile as a divided group is easier to rule. The ignorance and apathy is helping too.

Both sides have succeeded in its quest to remove common sense and make debate evil. The change required will involve pain and suffering for working and unemployed, educated and ignorant, apathetic and involved, and Republicans and Democrats. The longer it takes to start these reforms, the more vulnerable the country becomes on the world stage. There is so much broken now, repairs will take many years and that is with the adoption of sensible policies (based on past performance, it may take a few tries to get decent policies in place). Neither side has the leadership to create these as they require a firm hand and a requirement to say “no” to a host of constituencies.

No is often a hard sell, but is often the right answer.

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