More Campaign Money Does Not Equal Better Policy

More Campaign Money Does Not Equal Better Policy

I read something recently suggesting the only way for Republicans to win in 2022 (and 2024) was to get more people to contribute to PAC’s (Political Action Committee’s). This money would be used to flood the media market with advertisements to clarify what lever to pull in upcoming elections.


The media markets include the Mainstream Media (MSM), Twitter, Facebook, and other social medial outlets who, by and large, lean left (I’m getting pretty good at these understatements). If you can get them to distribute the message, it perpetuates their business model. Not an action I want to support.

I appreciate a marketing plan must exist for these candidates, but word of mouth still works. People will spread the word about good candidates. People want to know about a candidate, not only from the individual, but people who have lived, worked and interacted with the person. They want to know about a candidate’s positions and most importantly, they want to know what this candidate plans to accomplish if elected. This is what the media push is supposed to do, but we need a different outlet.

A website where a Citizen can go, enter their zip code, and get taken to a page populated by upcoming election candidates (and ballot issues). It can include a bio, positions and proposals. It could include a question and answer section. As to party, I’m agnostic, but if a candidate wants access to the website, it must include a reference to it in any media it publishes. From a Citizen perspective, I think it should include both parties. This would allow one stop shopping to learn about candidates from both sides of the aisle.

People need influence with candidate selection. Currently, this is a “party” decision, not a citizen one. Look at some of the school board flareups that have recently occurred. Are these party people or local folks who want to improve the education experience? If you are willing to shut down a meeting because people are voicing opposition to current policies, you are not there to improve the academic experience.

Most people don’t have time, or interest, to visit a candidates’ website, but if this information were congregated on a single site, organized succinctly and kept on point, people may make the effort. A simple web address with a simple routing mechanism (zip code) to illuminate all upcoming election information. This effort would prove more valuable than donating to political action committees.

As has been outlined in recent posts, the lack of substantive policy changes has as much to do with the candidates as it does with policy. People must not expect significant policy changes from candidates promoted by parties who have little interest in change. This would be the equivalent of a car salesman suggesting walking as the best alternative. Until Citizens are involved in choosing and understanding candidates, substantive progress is not likely, with or without massive donations to PAC’s. Creating a simple website is not a panacea but it is a step in the right direction.

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