Lions, Tigers and Bears

Lions, Tigers and Bears

I was talking with someone about Roe vs. Wade and beyond the outrage, they were concerned about a host of other policies that would be abolished due to those crazy Republicans. I don’t believe most Republicans wanted Roe abolished. I think the majority of them are opposed to late term abortions and while a debate over exactly how many weeks is the proverbial line in the sand, most people, including most Republicans think making all abortions illegal will not help the current problem. As a side note, to make abortion illegal in the case of incest or rape is just stupid and sends the wrong message. Abortion has been discussed in prior blog post and will not be revisited now, but the extension of SCOTUS decisions to other policies is interesting.

Is it valid?

The conversation went quickly to gay marriage. SCOTUS will attempt to make gay marriage illegal. My initial reaction was to discount this as paranoia, but I really didn’t think the Supremes would revoke Roe, so what do I know. Again, gay marriage has also been discussed in prior posts, so I won’t take time to rehash it now. But, as the saying goes: Am I paranoid if they really are out to get me? Maybe gay people should be worried? Will this deflate some of the forecasted (not by me) “Red Wave”?

It might.

If the religious right is going to start setting policy in the name of the Republican Party, people that had decided to reject Biden and the Democrats may decide the right is just as crazy and temper its voting tactics. Instead of voting against any and all Dems, they may try to vote for more moderate Dems, just to keep the crazy Republicans from gaining too much control. If you want context, go back to the first couple of blog posts. It explains in more detail how the political spectrum is aligned (and the rationale to 2seatsin). History proves this is true. People want moderation, at least when they vote.

Just as quickly as gay marriage was threatened, the conversation turned to contraception. The Republicans want to ban contraception was the concern. Oh my, FFS, that is just stupid, how will they enforce such a policy? They are going to make the pill illegal? They are going to ban all “Plan B” and other post intercourse treatments. If they don’t ban the pill, they will make it so expensive that only rich people will be able to afford it. Again, this is crazy talk, but is it? The religious right thinks abstinence is the only solution. Most women I know, Republican and Democrat, would be outraged if any barriers to contraception were attempted. While most women I know are opposed to abortion, they also understand it is none of society’s business and is a deeply private issue.

The Republicans have a chance to come out and make some positive policy changes to prove the religious right is not in control. They can make a reasonable attempt to appease the worries of the left, and not just the far left, but those that are just left of center. They can pass legislation at the state level that tries to leave an outlet for abortion but removes it as an ongoing birth control solution. They could assuage concerns about targeting gay marriage and ensure contraception is not on the table. They could make tremendous progress in bridging the gap between right and left with just some common sense policies that may anger the far right but would be applauded by most.

I doubt current leadership has the chutzpah.

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