LEO’s Don’t Make Law But…

LEO’s Don’t Make Law But…

Law enforcement will (and has) arrested people at civic gatherings (council and school board meetings). If you have not seen the video of New Hampshire State Troopers arresting people from a few weeks ago, it is a peek of what is to come (New Hampshire State Police Arrest People Peacefully Assembling (rumble.com) It may take the video a few seconds to start after you click play…it says “the video is blocked by Microsoft edge”, but it seems to block the advertisement and the video plays after a few second delay…they start removing people around the 6:00 minute mark. A bunch of cops pushing an old woman to the ground, it is a shame. In some places people have been arrested for not wearing masks. While not at the draconian level of Canada, Australia or China, some locations in the U.S. are behaving as though the Constitution does not exist. Due process is ignored, yet another casualty of law enforcement. I’m afraid much of what the LEO’s face is of their own making.

The people (in the video) arrested were not told why they were arrested. The whole incident is strange, but it does not suggest “serve and protect” as much as it screams “intimidate and harass”. Since the State Patrol is under the purview of Governor Sununu and the folks at the meeting are opposed to his pursuit of Federal Covid money, the actions of the attending LEO’s, at the very least, is poor optics. The appearance is political.

Most of the police, and most of the population, have taken the jab (2/3 to 3/4 depending on who to believe). Much of the population would like to ostracize, or worse, those that refuse. This dislike for those that refuse the jab crosses party lines, albeit more from the left. If the Legislature can pass laws to bring the minority “in-line”, the police have but two options, enforce the law, or quit. The same is true for other professions. Adhere to “rules”, quit, or wait to be fired. Litigation comes next, if you can afford it.

People need to feel the sting of these stupid rules, but don’t take it out on the LEO’s. Direct the wrath at the elected officials creating the laws. People need to see what elected, or appointed, officials have planned and the true nature of what they desire. Citizens must follow the rules or go to jail. It may only be for a few hours, or the night, and a small fine, but people will learn to obey. This obedience will result in an obsequious citizenry or it will ignite a desire to elect Congressional, State and Local representatives that seek substantive change.

As the old saying goes: “…Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.” Or more succinctly: Complicity through silence.

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