Leadership Vacuum

Leadership Vacuum

For those of us that desire substantive policy change, there is a leadership void. The current Republican Leadership, at least from a layman’s perspective, appears to want to gently tweak the occasional policy. I, and maybe I’m the only one, want dynamite; many policies need to be demolished. Notice there was no mention of rebuilding.

So many policies are mired in bureaucracy and have no hope of every performing a valuable function for society. Some of these started out as fabulous ideas and have morphed into a governmental quagmire. Education is a good example, but there are others. You can’t tweak your way out, blow the door and run away.

We have lost our way.

Congress, because the citizens let them, has deferred to business to set policy it sees as beneficial. Since business employ citizens, what business wants is good for society. Businesses deploy lobbyists and sculpt legislation that suits them. In some cases, it may be to make entering business prohibitively difficult. In other cases, it alters tax law to favor those already in business. Look at the changes to patent law enacted years ago. The mere possibility can be patented by anyone, but who has the money to do that except large corporations.   

Leadership, and this includes both sides of the aisle, have no interest in standing up to business as these companies can make or break their campaign coffers. Legislators in leadership positions cater to industry and anyone who is unwilling to “tow the line” can easily be relegated to an obscure committee or ostracized by industry leaders. In other words, no junkets, no money, no connections to powerful people; just kiss your political career goodbye. As Legislative veterans will tell you, if you want to exert any authority, you have to play the game.

This is simply not true.

Or, it does not have to be, if the correct people are elected. It can’t be one here, one there, it must be a concerted effort to get a group elected that can assume a leadership role. If the numbers are insufficient, they must be willing to stand as a united front and explain their actions to the American people.

This group must focus on policy changes, not hot button issues. For example, abortion may be a travesty, but how about we fix education, the border, visa numbers, drug costs, health care costs, homelessness, and personal responsibility. Why is recidivism so high? Why are fentanyl overdoses out of control? Why can’t Congress spend responsibly? Why can’t it work for the people and not business?

These things can be fixed with policy changes and a desire to do it. There are many people in this country that simply don’t care or won’t be bothered, but there is a good portion that knows we can do it better. It can’t occur without leadership.

Right now, there is none.

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