Just Say No

Just Say No

I listened to a campaign ad the other day and the gist of it was to help everyone. After the first thirty seconds, it was clear the candidate was a democrat. Republican candidates have similar ads but they want to help fewer people, but they still want to help almost everyone. Free stuff for everyone is the only way to get elected anymore. More money for federal contractors (got to keep the middle class happy), more free education (from pre K to post high school) – cuz more education is more better, more coverage for vets, more allowances for minorities in federal contracts, more foreign aide (got to fund those Chinese labs, harder to audit money once it’s overseas, and get Hunter his board seats), god forbid the seniors be left out – drug subsidies, and more, more, more (there is a song in there somewhere). More is good, even more is even better and most is best. It is the new mantra.

Go to any candidates’ website, incumbent or newbie, or listen to any campaign ad and it is the same thing, this constituency (pick one) needs our help. No candidate indicates what should be fixed, and how. No candidate indicates what budget should be cut; what laws should be erased. At least Bernie was honest, free stuff for everyone, open borders and tax everyone to makes us all equal.

Before we make everything free, can we improve the product first. Education, for example, providing this for free may be a great concept but the education we currently provide is failing, miserably. Students are graduating high school who have limited reading and math skills. Many of these people are unemployed and go to school to avoid work. If Mom and Dad want to pay for that experience, great, but I’d prefer my tax dollars not be spent in that fashion. If you want everything to be free, move to Europe. Work should be emphasized as a mechanism to get ahead. Higher Education is not a panacea.

This country has gone from there is no such thing as a free lunch to sending out engraved invitations with the taxpayer paying for the party. It is a joke. Both parties are laughing at the American public, you are getting played. It is embarrassing.

Open borders – really? We can’t manage the criminals we have now. Who do you think is coming across the border, Mary Poppins? It is not Timmy and Lassie. We can’t afford the current entitlement population, what is the rush to add more? It is not only the Southern border. Talk to people who have lost jobs outsourced to South/Latin America or somewhere else. The added insult for these folks is they are forced to train their replacements or surrender severance or other exit options. Visa (H1B1, Et al.) allotments are a joke and are simply a way to bring in cheaper labor, some of these folks also never leave. Education visas are often abused as students will enter on a visa and never leave. Most American’s don’t understand, or believe, the lack of enforcement for visa holders. It is laughable. It is also against the law, but lack of enforcement has already been discussed.

Republicans want to drone on about the faults of the Biden administration and it is easy pickings to do so, but where are the solutions? What budgets will they cut, if they can take back Congress? Will they win enough seats to override a certain Biden veto, prolonging any hope of substantive change? Don’t blame election integrity either, ample time exists to make those changes, if the people desire it. What about Red States, they can make changes now? What are its excuses, besides the comfort of the federal government teat?

If the citizenry want change, the first step is to investigate potential candidates to ensure they are willing to pursue substantive change and not simply pursue the status quo or suggest minor tweaks disguised as real policy change. If it doesn’t happen soon, the proverbial inmates will be running the asylum.

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