Is It Coming

Is It Coming?

Chip shortage, Ukraine invasion, double digit inflation (I don’t care what the Fed says), mortgage rate increases, dollar devaluation, China Covid shutdowns, Roe overturned, people flowing through the southern border like the aftermath of a damn burst, and fences around the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court Buildings.

And people don’t care.

What will stir the peoples’ ire? Perhaps when double digit inflation uses up all the Covid relief money and they burn through their savings. Maybe when they lose their house after their job is shuttered due to lack of demand (due to the high cost of goods and the loss of value in the currency). Maybe some folks will demand change when we send a few hundred billion to Ukraine or other countries in dire circumstances. Maybe people will be mad when Congress continues deficit spending knowing it will further erode the value of the dollars they make.

And maybe not.

There is a lot of money out there and I mean a lot. There are too many billion and multi- millionaires. These folks could buy America and us peons would never be told. Those folks that secured a house and a low rate thirty year mortgage in the last several years are all “sitting in tall cotton” as the saying goes. The only challenge now, as in back in 2008-9 is to keep your job. Maybe after a few years, mortgage rates will come back down, but this usually requires inflation to abate or some other economic motivator.

I wonder what that/those will be?

What will cause the people to become angry and demand things change? Will it be the overturning of Roe? Will hangers in bathtubs be the impetus for other changes? That would be ironic if changing Roe caused the reemergence of personal responsibility. How weird would it be if it spurred district attorneys to start prosecuting criminals and adjudication expediency?  

I suspect it will only exacerbate the divisiveness.

According to the left, the overturning of Roe will only make the right more dangerous. Next, they will come after gay people. They will get them fired, take away their rights, repeal gay marriage and other nefarious things. They proved their hate with their treatment of transgender people.

It is delusional.

The debates rage about personal freedoms but ignore how to hold people accountable. Most folks I know in this country don’t care who you sleep with or what you do with your personal time. They want people to contribute and to follow the rule of law. They want to help people become independent, not enable people. They want to be safe, have fun and be able to pursue activities they enjoy. Most I know are very live and let live.

Until you want different rules.

That seems to be a theme. The rules for thee and not for me is just not cutting it. The pot is still simmering and as variables enter the mix, it may reach a boil. The best solution may be for the pot to boil over and make a big mess so the cleanup can begin. Without serious leadership, none of which appears to be on the horizon, a big mess is coming.

It is not if but when.

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