Invasion, So What

Invasion, So What

Red States have done little to impede the inflow of illegal immigrants, at least on a public level. Since the current estimate is 2.3 million illegal immigrants for 2021(…seems low), the response from red states to repel these folks appears negligible. Since Congress and the Federal Government refuses to enforce current law to prevent this invasion, what can the States do?

Plenty, if they want.

A few Attorneys General have sued the government, but this effort appears to lack coordination and the potential force a strength-in-numbers combined-effort would provide. It is unclear if this is the result of grandstanding by individual AG’s (look what I did…as I run for another office) or simple disorganization is unclear. The result is a lawsuit with less punch than its potential. The lawsuits (if successful) may stem the tide and provide some money to these states, but it will be a long time coming before any resolution. The states must react quicker.

One of the key problems is the Fed’s control of benefits, follow the money. Food Stamps, housing, health care and other benefit programs are all held and appropriated/allocated at the federal level (that should change). States can’t stop them, although it can limit engagement. If it does not obey the rules, States’ lose funding (unlike the Fed, who have proven it will ignore laws that don’t fit the agenda – e.g. open borders). The States can make it administratively cumbersome and expensive for these new arrivals, while still accepting money.

Exactly how this would be arranged is untested, but before it can be tried, the desire must exist. At this point, it doesn’t. Business leaders want these arrivals. For the most part, they are willing to do jobs its current residents won’t do. What these businesses forget is these folks are expensive. They are a drain on the current system. They cost more to educate and strain social programs. They have no interest in assimilation and some are already entitled. Obviously, not all of them, but statistically, we are not getting the elite. If I was a Latin American leader, I would have emptied my prisons and mental health hospitals months ago.

The social program are little fiefdoms run with mostly Federal money, so they just manage with what they have. Administrators do what they can with allocated money and show the huge rise in need (due to enrollment increases) in next year’s budget requests. The law indicates these numbers must be funded. Educators have proven they will simply demand more money to educate English as second language students. The bureaucrats see this influx as enlarging its fiefdoms, it is job security.

Business don’t see, or seem to care, about the downstream costs. Those will be managed by the city, county, state and Feds; the local population should be darn grateful those business bring jobs to the community. The City and County folks look to the State for guidance and support to help them manage these folks, it will not come. The numbers will simply increase. To stop the inflow requires a strong Legislative AND Executive stand and a generous application of the word “no”. Immigrants should arrive legally and those that do not are criminals. Criminals should not be allowed to “settle” anywhere they like. The Red States appear unwilling to take this stand.

Eventually, so what, has repercussions.

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