Innovation is Crushed

Innovation is Crushed

People are focused on Covid robbing US citizens of their constitutional rights. Whether the jab should be mandatory is the latest issue de jour. What is more concerning is the inability to discuss other therapies or potential solutions. Some of these have been tried and tested in other parts of the world. The fact these are NOT investigated, but squelched and silently shelved is damaging to our whole society.

It stifles creative thought and innovation in other areas.

If the medical community, theoretically science based, is unable, or refuses to stand up to this abject censorship and selective research tunnel-vision, other science based groups stand no chance. Other groups, who are less steeped in scientific basis, stand little chance of proposing ideas outside mainstream acceptance.

People want to be included and while some can tolerate being ostracized, for many it is an unacceptable risk. The workplace had only started to reclaim an openness (or idea acceptance) from the financial collapse over a decade ago. Then, Covid hit and reversed any progress. People with ideas are again in hunker down mode. Shut up, do your job and hope you don’t get canned. It is far more difficult to explain any great new idea over Zoom. It doesn’t help that this medium can exacerbate the concern as to who will get credit for it, or blame. It is best to sit and wait.

As we start to emerge, at least in some places, another divide has been created, the vaccinated verses the un-injected. The later are being compared to lepers, only those un-injected can spread the disease. This comparison is parroted by many in Leadership, including Biden, the injection is seen as a panacea. These facts have been disputed by many in the medical field. Other medical professionals indicate it is an outright lie, people who do not take the injection are no more likely to infect another than someone currently injected. It doesn’t seem to matter, it has succeeded as another way to divide us. The left side of the aisle, and many on the right side too, see these lepers as a literal plague on society. If they won’t acquiesce to the jab, send them to a colony where they can do no harm. If it wasn’t outrageous, it would be sad. Even the bible thumpers are divided.

Call the injection a savior or a ruse, but one thing is certain, it has created a divide. It has solidified censorship as a viable tactic. It has suppressed debate across one of the best educated industries in the world. It has achieved this end with the assistance of the Fourth Estate, tech and social media empires, and multiple governments. If science based, highly educated, industries can be silenced, there is little hope for other people or industries to push narratives that are deemed unacceptable to any of the aforementioned groups. These policies and corresponding indefatigable narrative have implications well beyond the defined scope; leadership know this and laugh. They have created yet another topic to divide America.

The people lose again.

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