Someone sent me a meme with large donuts with the caption: “These new big Cheerios are way better than the small ones….”, I laughed. It’s funny, but the alternate reality some folks are living in these days suggests some people think too many of these memes are real. They will believe anything – on both sides of the aisle. I’ve already ranted about Covid, but it does exemplify the disconnect. It is a real threat, which the anti maskers and anti vaccination folks appear to want to dispute. Some of us realize it is a threat, but also appreciate the serum’s side effects are at best unclear and in some cases dangerous. If I choose not to take the shot, I am somehow a murderer (and a Trump supporter), and an idiot. If I take the shot, I am a sheep, and an idiot. Can’t we debate without the name calling, accusations and incorrect conclusions. The answer is as clear as it is disheartening.

The title of this post continues this analogy. The infrastructure bill that will soon be passed by Congress is an atrocity. It is like a really long meme (a 2700 page meme) full of pork and useless projects that requires us to borrow money in order to fund it. It is stupid and Congress people, on both sides of the aisle, are either singing its praises or suggesting, while expensive, it is a mutually beneficial compromise. Other Congress people are saying it is garbage and they refuse to vote for it. Watch out for them, what did they do the last time a huge bill, full of pork, was passed? Was “their” team in control? Was it a mutual beneficial and “necessary” then? I suspect it was or they knew “their” team had enough votes to pass it regardless of their tirade de jour.

I committed to continue this blog until the 2022 election, but if the citizens of this country don’t start paying attention, I may not have to. The infrastructure bill does nothing to change how things are done in this country. It may result in a few bridges getting fixed and some of those dollars may trickle down to small business but the bulk of it will go to the large firms with the resources to bid on these big ticket items. There is an inordinate amount of pork and special interest money sprinkled throughout the bill and the grant money for just nonsense is prevalent. This is all created, and passed, by what is called leadership. The level of debt it creates is ludicrous. See, we are doomed.

The length of the bill is an atrocity, but it is part of the ruse. We live in a world where people communicate in 160 character bursts. There is not a snowball’s chance of survival in the depths of Hades that Joe (or Jane) citizen is going to read the bill. Most Congress people won’t read it and neither will their aides, they will just focus in on certain aspects so they can do their interviews and sound bites. It is all a big joke. And, nobody cares. Here is the chorus: Yes, it contains wasteful spending, but that happens all the time and our roads and bridges need repair.

One trillion dollars is an obscene amount of money but when you print it, who cares. Foreign countries (specially China) are laughing hysterically at our pecuniary ineptitude. They can’t wait for the implosion that is building in this country. The social divisiveness, educational degradation, coupled with a crippling debt and an inept government workforce is being orchestrated and cultivated. It seems only a few of us have any interest in change. A simple solution is to create single issue legislation and limit its length. How about a test for each Legislator, to make sure they read it? Have to start somewhere.

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