I have talked about many issues since starting this blog and through the headlines and world machinations, not a lot has changed, at least for the better. Inflation, job security and numerous other issues are getting worse and yet Congress, and State leaders, are doing little to combat them. The focus is on issues that have always played the distractor role. Abortion, civil rights, gay rights, and localized foreign conflict are all perennial favorites.

They are distractions.

I am reading a book about health care and how to fix it (in America) and like many other policy focused missives, it is well written, thoroughly researched and painstakingly documented. If the author is lucky, many million will read it, but what will change (to the author’s credit, he does seem to have made some progress within the industry)? There have been countless books, and more articles, written about the policy issues that are leading the country into the dark abyss, but although some of these have been bestsellers, not much has changed. In a few cases, the authors have made some money, but as a country, we are no better off.

People don’t seem to care.

As has also been noted in prior posts, people, at least most people, seem to be fat and happy. It is a side gig to complain and moan about this or that, but all in all, they shouldn’t complain. They are not unhappy enough, or hungry enough, to want change. Some have suggested the new world order (if you believe that kind of thing) wants to create chaos so it can step in and save us all. It will make the government the savior and everyone will trust in the government. It seems crazy, but if you had told me the American people would sit idly by while the country was invaded by illegal immigrants, I would have said, it would never happen.

And yet, here we are.

Instead of action, we are offered policy debates on abortion, gay marriage, diversity, equity, inclusion, insurrection, contraception, and a host of celebrity de jour activities (or lack thereof). The attention span of the average American is being eroded by phones, internet, and our education system. Policy background and knowledge is never offered as a way out of problems, but is perceived as boring and part of the political machine. It is not, but people want the sound bites, they want to hear about how each politician will keep them in their current state. Small tweaks, that affect other people, may be acceptable, but take your wholesale change and keep walking.

We don’t want your kind.

Books will continue to be written by smart people who see the problem and attempt to illuminate that it exists and can be repaired. Some people will read them and wonder why we can’t make progress, Congress will continue to ignore them and the media will continue to provide coverage about issues that ignite emotional or ideological firestorms, but do little to address the underlying demise of society. A frenetic pace will be the desired perception, but in reality, little changes. And people seem ok with that.

It’s infuriating.

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