Identity theft is a real thing, or so I am told. But how can this be? My identity consists of a government number. How can a person be held accountable for transactions for which he, or she, had nothing to do with and did not authorize in any way? How is this allowed? What policies exist that allow a third party to represent themselves as me, and buy stuff. Why do I suffer the consequences of these actions? Where is industry, the District Attorney, the Justice Department and other government functions pursuing these culprits and clearing the names and accounts of those effected.

Where is Congress’ outrage? Where is the legislation demanding people’s lives not be turned upside down when someone steals their identity? Where is industry working with Congress to create safeguards to prevent this from happening? Imagine if credit card holders’ were held responsible for all fraudulent transactions? Instead, what we seem to have are companies that are created to prevent or manage these events. I don’t want to hire private contractors to protect me, and my money. If my identity, which the government requires I create to be a citizen, is stolen, it (the government) should be very concerned. It should be outraged that any citizens identity has been compromised. It should also take steps to repair it.


I know there are people out there that are less than forthright and claim identity theft to cover fraudulent or irresponsible actions, but these folks could be handled quickly and with a hefty price (how about 1,000 hours of community service – first offense – sorting trash at the landfill). Is Congress or other local entities afraid to implement policy that would stymy identity thieves due to a fear of damaging an existing industry? Think of the people who would lose their jobs. I am certain some of these companies are public companies, so stockholders would also be damaged. Is this a legitimate argument?


I find it hard to believe a lobbyist or other corporate hack would attempt to deliver any argument like this, but since I have heard worse, I should know better. I must continuously remind myself the bell curve is real. Congress is not exempt from it.

Identity theft is not the only one. Where I live, television advertisements for tax adjudication are daily views. If you have defrauded the government due to tax evasion, call us and we’ll negotiate your tax bill down to $1.25, or something less. There is that bell curve again.

How about talcum powder, some drug, asbestos or lead paint? If you join our class action lawsuit, you could win $1.25 and those evildoers will pay the price for your pain and suffering. I am not trying to downplay the abject corruptness that exists, but if a drug company, or any other company, hides, stifles, or in any way obfuscates data that shows its product would cause a consumer harm, government regulators need to shut them down. The lawyers, and/or corporations, should not get rich to ensure bad guys get what they deserve, but it seems to be a growing theme.

It needs to stop.

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